SM MOA Asian Food Fest 2019

Come and discover the gastronomic roots of Asia through a food adventure from China, Japan, Korea, Philipines and Taiwan here at SM Mall of Asia Main Mall.

Be ready to explore different food offerings in each booth until October 27, 2019 (Saturday).




From China, have a taste of authentic dishes such as grilled Sichuan feats from Hediu and flavorful bowl and pairings from Shi Shi Noodle House and Masuki.


From Japan, delight your taste buds with Okonomiyaki (also known as Japanese pancakes) from Dohtonbori, flavorful yakitori sticks from Kyoto’s Tori Ichi, tempura dishes from Tenya and fresh baked fluffy treats from Kumori.


Try the authentic savory fishcakes from Korea’s Samjin Amook for only P70.00. There’s also flavorful chicken from Bon Chon which will excite your appetites, too!


Of course don’t forget our  very own Filipino street food favorites such as kwek kwek, turon, taho manggang hilaw and other pasalubongs from SM Hypermarket.


Discover Taiwan’s Milk Tea craze by trying  out Coco and YiFang plus frozen custard from Rita’s and more drinks from Macao Imperial!

Asia’s big food brands are coming together in one place to help us update our cultural experience with a gastronomic adventure!

#ComeToMallOfAsia for a fun filled food experience!








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