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As a frequent mall-goer of Evia Lifestyle Center we’ve been eyeing to dine out at Butcher & Sons since it opened few months ago.  I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback about  the said steakhouse that’s why I am so excited to try it out.

I must admit that you should prepare more than enough budget in dining at Butcher & Sons I’m sure after trying out their dishes  it will be all worth your money.

Butcher and Sons
Vegetarian Appetizer

The ambiance of  Butcher & Sons looks romantic, a perfect place to celebrate your special day with someone you love. But don’t get intimidated with their interiors and table set up, they have friendly staff ready to assist you as soon as you enter their restaurant.

Butcher and Sons

If you want privacy, they have function rooms located at the second floor which can accommodate about 10 to 15 people.

Butcher and Sons
Foie Gras

We started our evening with breads and dips (tomato chili, eggplant caviar and liver Pâté  plus satisfying soup, I chose the Seafood Chowder which has a creamy texture loaded with mussels, potato and crabs while hubby had the clear one, the Beef Consommé which was also good.

As soon as we’ve finished our soup, a wide-spread of beautiful  appetizers  were served on our table. I’ve noticed that Butcher & Sons mastered the art of plating, you will be surprised on how the elements on every plates create color and contrast to each dish. They  even pay attention to small details which is quite impressive.  It will surely tempts your eyes making you want to taste each dish on the table.

Butcher and Sons
Cours De Fromage Classico

The Vegetarian Appetizer,  made from quinoa, broccoli, tomatoes and caviar was surprisingly good. Butcher & Sons also served delicious pan seared Scallops which are cooked in perfection. The Foie Gras was the star of all the appetizers it has that rich and buttery texture that will almost melt in your mouth.

We also sampled the Cours De Fromage Classico (Good for 2-3/P888; Good for 6-7/P2,388) paired with crackers, grapes and strawberries  with an add-on shaved of black truffles.

Butcher and Sons
Black Truffle Risotto

Another dish for truffle lover?? Check out Butcher & Sons Black Truffle Risotto  (P995) made from porcini infused arborio rice topped with shaved black truffles and finished with a drizzle of truffle oil. This dish is quite heavy, one order can be good for sharing.

Butcher and Sons
Linguini Frutto Del Mare

Classic Linguini cooked with fresh and imported seafood makes up the Linguini Frutto Del Mare   (P395/solo;P695/sharing). Another worth to try pasta is the Farfalle with Asparagus and Salmon Cream Sauce (P395/solo;P695/sharing), farfalle pasta cooked with creamy white sauce and salmon on a bed of asparagus cream

Butcher and Sons
Spaghetti Bolognese

Though we tried some other pasta choices I will still go for the classic Spaghetti Bolognese (P395/solo;P695/sharing), it looks simple yet packed with meaty goodness. I can get another plate if I’m not reserving some space in my tummy for the other dishes.

You can imagine how I’m full and we’re not done yet with the main course hihi!

Butcher and Sons
River Prawns

Butcher & Sons Main Course is divided into three, The Sea, The Land and  The Butcher’s Meat Locker.

Let’s start with spread of  the River Prawns, it was sliced in half and the meat was so incredibly luscious.  Next in line was the gorgeous Lobster Tail (P2,095) which are freshly sourced from Maine which is known for the best tasting lobster. It is lightly seared topped with a lemon infused bread crumbs plated with vanilla lobster bisque topped with lemon air.

Butcher and Sons
Lobster Tail
Butcher and Sons
The Beach

Butcher & Sons’ The Beach  (P1,195) is made up of meaty texture of seared seabass, the yellow sand-like are couscous which are accompanied with edible stones and lemon butter sauce.

Butcher and Sons
Scandinavian Salmon

We also had two kinds of Salmon, Scandinavian Salmon (P645) Pan seared salmon served skin side up on a bed of creamy chowder sauce and the Grilled Salmon with Green Tea Puree (P645), grilled salmon served skin side down on a bed of creamy green pea puree.

Butcher and Sons
Grilled Salmon with Green Tea Puree

For The Land Main Course, we sampled the Silkroad Fillet de Porc (P395),  the loin of pork wrapped in a juicy home smoked bacon served with a butter squash. If your prefer the chicken version  they have the Roulade de Poulet  (P495), which is a chicken breast stuffed with Italian goat cheese, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes.

Butcher and Sons
Silkroad Fillet de Porc
Butcher and Sons
Roulade de Poulet

I don’t usually like the taste of lamb, out of curiosity I tried their Zenith Rack of Lamb (1,688), Merino breed rack of lamb with asparagus cream and garlic silk served with port wine and herbed jus. The flavor is pleasant combined with the softness and juiciness of the lamb’s meat.

Butcher and Sons
Zenith Rack of Lamb
Butcher and Sons
Brazilian Tenderloin with Lobster Tail

If you will ask me what’s my favorite part during our dinner? It was the time when they served the Butcher’s Meat Locker choices.  All steaks were carefully selected based on their grade, BMS, Flavor, Breed, Diet, age and Origin. Each order  comes with unlimited side dishes  (soup, rice, potato gratin, and veggies) that can be shared by two people.

Butcher and Sons
Wagyu Sirloin A5

Nothing but pure goodness for the Wagyu Sirloin A5 (P5,788/300g) which origin is from Miyazaki, Japan. Extremely smooth texture and juicy flavor. It has that delicate but rich taste that will linger on your palate.  This is the highest quality of a Japanese beef!

Butcher and Sons
St. Helen’s Rib-eye

From the Breed of Black Angus, meet the St. Helen’s Rib-eye (P3,988/700g). It is known for grain-fed beef, the result is nutritious and tender in every bite. They perfectly seasoned the steak that makes you crave for more.

Butcher and Sons
1824 AACO Rib-eye

Oh I must say, Butcher & Sons is the steak haven in the South. This beautiful plate of 1824 AACO Rib-eye (P,588/340g) will surely satsify your steak cravings. A mouth-watering St. Helen’s Porter House  ( P3,688/800g) was next in line.

Butcher & Sons
St. Helen’s Porter House

Lastly, the Txogitxu Rib Eye (P5,488/1kg)  which came from Basque. The flavor is quite strong among the other steaks. They smoke if for several hours to achieve its right tenderness.  If you’re confused on what kind of steak will match your taste bud don’t hesitate to ask for help from their staff so you can surely enjoy it.

Butcher & Sons

Of course ending any meal without a dessert is boring, so make sure to get one! Here are some of Butcher  & Son’s desserts.

Butcher & Sons
Oopsie! I Dropped the Lemon Tart

Oopsie! I Dropped the Lemon Tart (P245).  What a witty name right? The smashed meringue are the perfect sweet treat after having a full meal. My Son’s Panna Cotta (P245) is a combination ofVanilla and  Pineapple Mouse served with strawberry glass-topped with sphere mango. It has the pleasant smell that comes from the lighted cinnamon stick.  Also try the De Constructed Tiramisu (P295) for a change. The Tiramisu served  is with coffee and chocolate letter micro sponge filled with kahlua and baileys English cream.

Butcher & Sons
My Son’s Panna Cotta
Butcher & Sons
De Constructed Tiramisu

I hope you enjoyed dining out (oh I mean reading) with me.

This will be definitely my most loved and memorable #PrigiEats for 2018.

Butcher & Sons

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Butcher and Sons Steakhouse + Bar

Ground Floor, Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Monday to Thursday 10:00 AM-2:00 PM / 5:30 PM-10:00 PM

Friday to Sunday 10:00 AM-2:00 PM / 5:30 PM-11:00 PM

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