JAEU Bistro and Ramen Bar at Festival Mall Alabang

As a regular mall-goer of Festival Mall in Alabang, hubby and I would always passed by at this restaurant named “JAEU”. I thought it was another Korean Restaurant who offers Samgyupsal in the South. But boy! I was completely wrong. Here at Jaeu (Ja-pan & Eu-ropean) Bistro and Ramen Bar , you get two enjoy ramen and steak in one sitting.

Jaeu Bistro and Ramen Bar

Yes, you’re reading it right! I was amazed as soon as I entered JAEU’s  dining area. It has a partition which has different interiors. There’s the wooden table with red comfy couches while on the other side is more of a modern type with white tables and chairs.

As they handed to me their menu, it’s quite interesting. In case your foodie buddy wants some ramen and you opted to have a steak, there’s no need to fight in choosing a restaurant. At JAUE, you can have the best of both world at the same time.

Swipe the arrow to the left to see the appetizers

Let’s start with their Japanese choices.  For starters they classified it into two, the hot and cold. We tried JAEU’s Cold Soft Tofu (P120) with Unagi sauce, sesame oil, cilantro, topped with shaved bonito. This one is perfect appetizer  for a warm day.

Chicken Karaage (Regular P250/Half P135)

For hot starters, you can have their Freshly-made-to-order Gyoza (P120/3 pcs.) in a pan seared style or the steamed ones. The filling is light and tasty, just enough to stimulate your appetite while waiting for the main dish.  Be extra careful in touching its plate, I tried to share it with others and the plate was literally hot. Chicken Karaage (Regular P250/Half P135) is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. I enjoyed it so much and had two pieces of it, if I’m not waiting for the other dishes I might have it with a cup of rice.

Of course, the ramen will complete your Japanese food cravings. I tried seven out of  JAEU’s ten Signature Ramen.

For Tonkotsu BASE (pork bone broth), IEKI “Yokohama Style Ramen” (P380) has thick noodles, spinach, white onions, bamboo shoots, black garlic, roasted chasu, nori. The Hell Ramen “Jigoku” (P400) has the same ingredients with the EIKI in a spicy version. It is served with JAEU’s special chili oil  (Spiciness Level 1 to 5).

I also tried  JAEU’s Soupless Ramen; the Maze Zoba (P410), curl thick noodles, Taiwanese-style minced pork, Chinese chives, spring onion, fish powder, sliced nori, raw garlic and raw egg. You have to pour vinegar over the noodles and mixed it well to enjoy the perfect combination of the ingredients. My personal favorite is the Cold Ramen (P410), cold thick noodles, cucumber, white onion, spring onion seaweed, nori, beneshoga, chasu abura. It was creamy but without the “umay factor”. I find it refreshing to eat.

Some of their House Special Ramen are the  Chicken Curry Ramen (P410)  curly thick noodles, tonkotsu broth, curry, red ginger, sesame seeds, spinach, negi, nori, black garlic and some pieces of chicken kaarage. The owners of Jaeu Bistro and Ramen Bar are doctors, they tried to immersed some healthier version of ramen. They have the Gluten-Free Ramen (P390), gluten-free noodles in a  Shoyu “soy sauce” based broth with sweet corn, roasted tofu, onion, spinach, nori and raw garlic. It was actually pretty good, a less-guilt ramen. For something sweet and spicy, get the TanTanMen (P440), made from chicken broth, thick noodles, ground pork gomma “spinach” dressing, miso, onion and spring onions. You may want to add Tamago or Pork Chasu to have a break between the broth and noodles.

IEKI “Yokohama Style Ramen” (P380)
Hell Ramen “Jigoku” (P400)
Maze Zoba (P410)
TanTanMen (P440),

For Jaeu’s European menu, we tried the Steak and Frites  (P900 for 190g). It is the very common and popular  dish served throughout Europe, they paired the steak with fries.  All their steaks are Certified USDA Tenderloin topped served  with special secret sauce. The steak was tender and juicy. You can also request to serve the sauce on the side. This the kind of meal that you get what you pay for.

Steak and Frites  (P900 for 190g)

We also had a preview of JAEU’s two upcoming dishes. The Iberico Porkchop served with strips of red cabbage, bacon, apple, french fries. I think there’s something missing with the porkchop, I find it too plain. The next one is the  Swiss St. Galler Bratwurst with Pommes Aligot, house made pickles and roasted onion. They will prepare the stretchy and smooth Pommes Aligot (combination of mashed potato and cheese) right in front of you.  Watching this dish was very entertaining.

Iberico Porkchop
Swiss St. Galler Bratwurst with Pommes Aligot


I was full, imagine I had ramen and steak for lunch! But I can always leave a room in my tummy for desserts hehe, so I didn’t miss out the chance to try some to complete my JAEU’s dining experience.

Profiteroles (P120) comes in 4 pieces. A small round pastry filled with satisfying cream and  chocolate sauce and almonds.

Profiteroles (P120)

Crema Catalana (P130) a dessert pretty similar to crème brûlée, but it has a thinner crust. The whole dessert is refreshing and delicious, it has a crunchy layer of carmelized sugar on top.  The kind of dessert that you don’t want to share!

Crema Catalana (P130)

Lastly, I love the Chocolate chip cookies with Milk (P180). It’s served fresh from to oven so expect a warm, moist and huge cookies, then dunk it to your fresh milk. I’m sure kids will enjoy this treat.

Chocolate chip cookies with Milk (P180)

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JAEU Bistro and Ramen Bar

Facebook Page:

Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Wing, Festival Mall, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City

10:00 AM-9:00 PM

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