Have a taste of Hakata style ramen by Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Luckily, people from the South like me can now enjoy the Hakata style ramen without even needing to ride a plane bound to Japan. Hakata Ikkousha Manila is located at the Upper Ground Floor  in the Expansion Area of Festival Mall Alabang.

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

In the case of Hakata Ikkousha Manila’s ramen, the tonkotsu or pork bones are carefully boiled until the soup reaches a cloudy white color. The characteristic result is a smooth taste that is almost like milk, allowing the umami flavors of the pork to really come through.

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Ordering at Hakata Ikkousha is easy, someone will guide you and even ask for your preference on noodles and even the level saltines for its broth. The thin noodles are hand-made and produced from their own noodle factory.

All you need to do is take a pick among Hakata Ikkousha  Manila’s Ramen broth choices:

  • Tonkotsu: the classic taste of the pork bone broth
  • Tonkotsu Black: tonkotsu broth with ma-yu or burnt garlic oil
  • Godfire:the spicy version of their ramen, it also comes in four spice levels
  • Shio Tonkotsu: tonkotsu and shio (salt) broth for a lighter-bodied, yet still flavorful soup base

Then you can even customize it more according to its toppings:

  • Regular:with standard toppings (one cha-shu slice, kikurage or black fungus mushrooms, and spring onions
  • Ajitama:with standard toppings plus one seasoned egg
  • Special:with standard toppings, one seasoned egg and three slices of cha-shu

You can also order additional toppings with an extra charge.  Below are the types of ramen that we had during our visit.

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Special Tonkotsu (P450)

If you want the classic taste for your ramen, this bowl will suits you.  The rich and flavorful  broth  is the result of long simmering process which takes up to 48 hours. The collagen-rich broth turns out to be packed with umami, no doubt that I find myself draining the bowl before I even finished the noodles.

For the toppings it has spring onions and kikurage (mushrooms). I also love how the custard yolk of the boiled egg. What makes this ramen more special? It has 3 thin-slices of Cha-su (Pork Shoulder) which does not even overpower the saltiness of its broth. The whole bowl itself is a complete meal already.

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Special Black (P470)

If you want a more intense broth, get the Black ramen. It is basically cooking the garlic in oil until it turns black  then added to the tonkotsu broth which creates a smoky and garlicky flavour.

Special Godfire (P470)

If you enjoy ramen on the hotter side, go for the Godfire. What I like about it? You can choose from level 1 up to level 4 of spiciness. We tried the level 1, it’s totally tasty with a little kick on the side. I can say it’s quite tolerable.

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Black Fire (P380)

Two flavors of broth in one bowl! Don’t miss out the combination of Black and God Fire Ramen which is available until the end of May. I heard they only serve this combo 30 bowls per day.

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Hakata Ikkousha Classic

Instead for the usual pork shoulder cha-su, they used pork belly for this one with bamboo shoots and spring onions.

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Gyoza (P200/10pcs.)

We were able to try some of Hakata Ikkousha Manila’s side dishes while waiting for our ramen. Their gyoza has a generous tasty filling with a nice toasty crunch on the outside.  Prepared in a bite-sized form which makes it easy to eat. My bowl of ramen came early than expected and I almost forgot that we had Chicken Karaage on our table despite that I ate it after (I was busy slurping my ramen) having my ramen, it was still crunchy. If you can’t live without rice, don’t worry Hakka Ikkousha Manila’s offers Mini Rice Bowl too!

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Special Fried Chicken Karaage (P150/3pcs.)

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Chasu Don (P150)

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Go and visit Hakata Ikkousha first branch in Manila!

Till our next #PrigiEats!

Hakata Ikkousha Manila

Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Area, Festival Mall, Alabang

11:00 AM-9:00 PM

Facebook Page:

Instagram: @hakataikkousha_mnl


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