The Munch Lab: Dine and Play at a hospital themed restaurant in the South

Are you sick and tired of your usual burger wrapped in foil or paper? Do you want something unique and creative way to enjoy your favorite comfort food like the fries, pasta and milkshake? Hubby and I recently visited The Munch Lab, a hospital themed cafe and restaurant in our area (Cavite) for an afternoon snack. Seriously, I am one of those people who hate hospitals! Who would want to visit a hospital right?

Munch Lab

But what if, you can have your meal served in hospital/lab materials? Sounds exciting right? Well, here at The Munch Lab, they will somehow lessen your fear of hospitals haha! Why??? Because they will let you eat your burgers and pastas in an extraordinary way.

Munch Lab

Myocardial Infraction Burger Meal (P169)

We tried their Myocardial Infraction Burger Meal (P169), it sounds a bit scary for a burger meal but I’m sure you will love it just like we did. The Munch Lab’s cheeseburger is overflowing  with cheese sauce topped with bacon , spam, egg plus a side dish of fries. Expect a messy way of eating a burger hihi, the ketchup and  mustard are both served in a syringe but of course without the needle (for safety purposes). By the way, don’t worry because they don’t re-use the syringe. You may have it as your souvenir too (wink!).

Munch Lab

Below are the other choices for  The Munch Lab Burger Meals. Just order at your own risk!

  • Basic Life Support Burger Meal (P139)
    Cheese burger with overflowing cheese sauce and bacon served with fries
  • Vital Signs Stable Burger Meal (P149)
    Cheese burger with overflowing cheese sauce, bacon and egg served with fries
  • Keep Veins Open Burger Meal (P159)
    Cheese burger with overflowing cheese cauce, bacon, mojos and egg served with fries
  • Advance Life Support Burger Meal (P159)
    Cheese burger with overflowing cheese sauce, bacon and spam served with fries
  • Diet as Tolerated Burger Meal (P265)
    Double cheese burger with overflowing cheese sauce, bacon, spam, egg and hashbrown served with fries

Munch Lab

Pepperoni Pizza (P180/M;P250/L)

We also tried their Pepperoni Pizza (P180/M) though we didn’t see something new on its presentation. Nevertheless, the taste were delicious and for its price you can already have a decent pizza that can be shared by two people (medium size). I suggest  they should make it presentable as the pizza  kinda looks pale =(.

The Munch Lab

Triple Chocolate (P150)

For refreshment we had the Triple Chocolate (P150) an ultimate chocolate treat for chocoholics. The Munch Lab only uses pure gelato ice cream for their milkshakes which make it dense and rich. It is served in a beaker for that extra laboratory feels. This drink gave me  major throwback of my grade school laboratory experiment haha! Other flavors of The Munch Lab Milkshakes are Cookies and Cream, Coffee Crumble, Strawberry and Buco Pandan. Matcha flavor soon please!please!hihi!

The Munch Lab

Blue Lemonade (P35) 

Another refreshment is the Fruit Tea (P95) available in  Lychee, Green Apple, Mango, Blueberry and Strawberry  flavor you may add a yakult mix for P10. The Munch Lab also serves Milk Tea (P95) in  Wintermelon, Taro, Chocolate, Hokaido and Okinawa flavor. We had their Blue Lemonade (P35) served in Erlenmeyer flask that time. Make sure to be extra careful while using the flask as they may charge you once you break it, which I think is fair enough. The Munch Lab serves I love about their drinks cold, even if there is not too much ice in it. I hate those  drinks that has more ice than the liquid.

Munch Lab

Carbonara (P99)

Are you familiar with those kidney-shaped stainless steel that the doctors usually use  in a procedure or operation? Expect your pasta to be served in that container hehe! Are you brave enough to eat it? By the way, their pasta which cost less than a P100 is a good deal already. The creamy sauce and bacon are not “tipid”.

Munch Lab

The last dish that we tried is the  Sweet and Spicy Wings (P100/4pcs.). Wings are deep-fried to perfection then coated with a finger-licking sauce. Tip: order an extra rice if you want to have it for your lunch or dinner.

Munch Lab

Aside from #HealingYourHunger, The Munch Lab can also be a great place for bonding with your family and friends. Leave your gadgets behind and have fun over their board games  that you can borrow for free!

The Munch Lab

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Pag Asa Molino Bacoor 12:00 NOON to 12:00AM

SM Rosario Cavite 10:00AM to 9:00 PM

Localle Foodpark BF Resort Las Piňas 4:00PM to 2:00AM


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