Check out the food stalls at The Yard Xavierville Food Park as it Turns One!

We were recently invited by Zomato to join the first year anniversary of The Yard Food Park at Xavierville Quezon City. We all know that Filipinos loves to eat that’s why Food Park is slowly booming here in the Philippines. Food parks are convenient for foodies like us because you can get a lot of options on what to eat Imagine the Yard has more than 30 food stalls that serves different dishes around the globe.


We had a blast during the celebration! We sampled some of the food offerings of different booths and paired it with Andy Cola.I listed down some of the food stalls (forgive me!below are not even half of what you can expect from The Yard) inside the food park so you can at least have an idea before your visit.



Sosy Dog

They offer pizza with sausage pull apart on the side. Flavors available are the Hawaiian, Bacon and Burger, Vegeterian, Seafood  and Sosy Dip. An order may range from  P200-P250 for 6″ ,  P400-P450 for 9″ and P600-P650 for 12″. Good enough for sharing! For drinks they have this fruit flavored soda (orange, green apple, strawberry or orange) topped with vanilla ice cream or also known as the Sosy Float (P120)


Bingsu Surprise

Stuck in the corner near the entrance with the cute mural art of  unicorn. They serve Bingsu or shaved ice desserts that is comparable to our halo halo.

  • They have the classic Korean flavors like the Injeolm or korean glutinous cake (P130/S;P190/L);and Patbingsu or red beans (P120/S;P180/L).
  • Other choices of flavors are Ultimate Unicorn Bingsu (P130/S;P190/L),Strawberry (P130/S;P190/L) Mango (P120/S;P180/L), Chocolate (P120/S;P180/L), Cookies n’ Cream (P120/S;P180/L)


Tokyo Tempura

Get your dose of Unli tempura (P199), Salted egg tempura (P150), Crazy tempura (P150), California tempura (P150) and JapCurry tempura (P150). Available sauces are tempura and sweet chili.


Rustic Box

They serve quality steaks at affordable prices. For as low as P195 you can get a decent steak. Two of their best sellers are the Steakbites Ala Pobre-Ribeye (P260) and PorterHouse Steak (P275).


All About Fry Day

A haven for anything that is deep fried. Have your french fries topped with chocolate (Choco Lovers Fries P140/P210 ), or with egg, corned beef and cheese (Blooming Fries P140), corned beef flakes and bbq sauce (The Burning Fries (P130/P200). Don’t forget to try their Choco Baby (P180), fried chocolate bars, fried oreos and ice cream.


El Chapo’s

“Don’t worry esse, it’s legal.”  A food stall that offers Fil-Mex Tacos and burritos. One of their best seller is the “putok batok” Chicharitos Lechon Sisig Taco (P85). Add some spicy kick to your meal  with the El Dinamita (P120), a green chili with lumpia wrapper.


Dip N’ Dough

The house of Handcrafted doughnuts that is fried or grilled on the spot. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Big Black Chimney (P165) cone shaped doughnut, slowly grilled until roasted and coated with almond and cinnamon, layered with Nutella topped with belgian chocolate ice cream and brownie squares!


Angus Tapa Central

Ranked  #1 in Spot.Ph The Best Tapsilog. Imagine Pinoy all-time favorite tapsilog made with 100% pure imported USDA-Certified Organice Angus Beef that comes in different flavors: Original (P165), Traditional (P165), Tropical (p165), Hot n’ Spicy (P185), Traditional Spicy (P185) and Korean BBQ (P185).


BURN Blowtorched Ribs

Delicious ribs that falls cleanly off the bone. One whole rack is sold for P790.00 which is not bad at all. Don’t forget to try their unusual flavors of sauce for P20 like the Chocolate Chili and Kare-Kare.



Your-go-to at The Yard if you want something epic for your drinks. They serve Instagram worthy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in a pail.1 Liter (P220-P250) is good for 1-2 persons and 2.5 Liters (P470-P490) that can be shared by 3-5 persons.


Waff (We waff it all)

Waffles with a twist. One of their best seller is the Spicy Maple Chicken and Waffle (P175) spicy, crunchy chicken combined with buttermilk waffle, drizzled with maple syrup and with coleslaw and seasoned corn on the side.


Black Plate

Have you tried Burrisushi? It’s a burrito in a form of sushi served with tomorokashi (shaved japanese corn with Jap Mayo, butter, cheese, togarashi and bonito flakes). My personal favorite is the Ocean Avenue (P180) which includes crab meat, deep shrimp katsu, cucumber, tobiko, mango with japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce.



Bringing your favorite Japanese dishes to a whole new level by adding a twist to excite every palate. Their signature gyozas are the Beef Bulgogi (P115), Buffalo Chicken (P115) and Chicken Teriyaki (P115). Don’t forget to try their Torched Cheesey Donburi too!


Smoke and Barrel 

Their melt in your mouth US Premium Angus Beef Brisket (P220/solo;P300/full house) that is smoked for 12 hours low and slow served with their house blend BBQ Sauce is slowly making its own name at The Yard.


Gulp Station

Quench your thirst through the Gulp Station. Their drinks comes in big servings which served in a fish bowl. Available flavors are Red Raspberry, Greent Tea with Lychee, Ceylon Tea, Pink Lemonade and etc. Prices are P80 for medium, P120 for Large and P240 for XL.

See you at The Yard soon! Don’t forget to bring your hungry tummy and more than enough cash hihi!


The Yard at Xavierville

FB Page:

 83 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

4:00 PM-12:00 AM



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