En Tirage: The House of Unlimited at Mandala Park

En Tirage  (pronounced as en-ti-haj) describes the first bottling step which turns a new wine into champagne or sparkling wine. This few months old simple Filipino-Spanish restaurant deserves to be discovered as they have satisfying dishes and even offers unlimited wine. Yup! You read it right folks, they have different enticing promos everyday!

En Tirage

Before we proceed with their unlimited promos, let’s check En Tirage’s food as well. We had a chance to sample some of their dishes during our last visit. Finding them was easy, they are located inside the Mandala Park along Shaw Boulevard, very accessible for commuters or even with private cars as they have enough parking space.

En Tirage

We had adorable Mozzarella Balls (P195.00) for appetizer, you know you can’t go wrong with mozzarella cheese. Enjoy while it’s still hot for that gooey cheesy experience.

En Tirage

I’m a big  fan of chicken wings. These heart shaped Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings (P285.00) will give you a lovely taste of zingy lemon and pepper. I’m in love!

En Tirage

Less is definitely more when it comes to margherita pizza. This Margherita and Feta Pizza (P450.00) is the best blend of easy and satisfying. Plain and simple, it just tastes good especially the crust and cheese toppings  without too much gunk and grease.

En Tirage

For something meaty, go for the Pepperoni Pizza (P530.00) It has a distinct flavorful taste, maybe because of the marinara sauce.

En Tirage

The Truffle Mushroom Pasta (P345.00) was fantastic. Despite the creaminess of its sauce you will not feel the “umay” taste after.

En Tirage

If you want a substitute to your meat, you shouldn’t miss En Tirage’s Tofu Steak and Pork Belly (P260.00), the delicious crispy breading of this tofu steak gives way to a silky smoothness that leaves you craving for more!

Glazed Baby Back Ribs (P290.00), the meat is effortlessly tender but taste a little bit salty. I suggest better get a rice or partner it with your paella.

En Tirage

Your En Tirage’s food adventure is not complete without trying the star of their menu- the Paella!  They have two kinds which both requires 45 minutes of cooking time. Paella Valenciana (P655.00), a tomato based paella with chicken and topped with seafood. My favorite was the  Paella Negra (P670.00), the squid ink works it magic on rice, I like  how it was prepared not  too wet or dry. It’s just perfect, especially the  crunchy bits of rice at the bottom of the pan. Few squeezes of lemon  adds a tangy taste to the dish.

En Tirage

I had a glass of  Gallo Moscato (white wine/P185.00),  soft, soothing and sweeter  than the  Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon (red wine/P185.00). 

Every wine, beer or whiskey lovers should rejoice at En Tirage as you can get them unlimited all day long. I listed them all for you!wink!

Unlimited Wine Schedule (Sunday, Monday, Tue. Friday)
Italy : P490.00
Chile: P550.00
California : P590.00

Unlimited Whiskey (Tuesday)
Black Label : P790.00
Whyte and Mckay: P490.00

Unlimited Beer (Wednesday and Saturday)
SMB Beer: P499.00
Stella Artois: P699.00

Ladies Night (Wednesday)
Buy 1 take 1 Cocktails
Mojito Carafe: P450.00
Sangria Carafe : P550.00

So the next time you want to celebrate something over wine  and of course food you know where to go!hihi!=)

En Tirage House of Unlimited

Mandala Park, 312 Shaw Boulevard, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City

Monday to Thursday 10:00 AM-1:00AM
Friday to Saturday 10:00 AM-2:00AM
Sunday 5:00 PM-1:00AM

Contact number: 09567208710


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