Spend your weekend at SM Cinema’s Family Movie Day


We always look forward to spend quality time with our nephew Cedric, well Tita Ninang Duties ?. He got third place in his school activities and as we promised we will give him a reward. We brought him with us to SM Cinema’s Family Movie Day at  SM Mall of Asia last weekend. Imagine you can get free tickets for your 2 kids when you buy 2 tickets to the movie of the month at SM Cinema’s Family Movie Day. So “sulit” right?!?

You can now treat your loved ones to awesome weekend that’s full of fun activities, freebies, and the exclusive family movie.


The SM Cinema Family Movie Day invites all families to spend another memorable weekend from August  to November with a complimentary movie for the kids. Just buy 2 tickets and 2 kids get to watch for free!

List of Upcoming Movies:

✔️ August 20-21        Sammy 2: Escape from Paradise 3D

✔️ September 10-11  Ultraman  Ginga

✔️ October  15-16       Oops! Noah is Gone

✔️ November 19-20  Dino Time

The Family Movie Day kit includes:

✔️ free bowling game

✔️ 1-hour skating pass

✔️ 1-month subscription to Blink

✔️ perks from Pancake House, Uniqlo, Nivea Men, Tom’s World, Tempra and Tempracof and other brand affiliates.

Patrons will also have access to a kids’ corner, full of different games and activities that children will surely enjoy.


SM Cinema  aims to bring back Filipino’s classic habit of weekend-movie-watching at the cinema with your family.

For me, weekend should always be a family day!Cheers!?


Book your tickets online at 0r call (02) 470 22.

SM Cinema’s Twitter and Instagram account: (@SM_Cinema)

SM Cinema’s Facebook Page: (

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