Can we just stop and eat at Stoops?


It was six years ago when I first tried the Bagnet of Ilocos. It’s a deep-fried crispy pork belly dish that somehow similar to lechon kawali. I know these days, you don’t need to travel all the way to Ilocos just to have a taste of it. Many Bagnet stores are popping out in the market, but which of them stand out for me?


I found the Stoops Bagnet Ilocos restaurant along BF Paranaque that serves authentic Ilocano dishes. Hooray to Mr. Jay Seneres and his friend Mr. Galen Cid (who is an Ilocano), because of their own cravings and their hungry appetite for Ilocano food, Stoops was born.

Their menu consists of Adobo Ilokano (served with garlic rice Php 85.00), Igado (served with garlic rice Php 85.00) made from strips of liver and meat which is also compared to menudo. Diniguan (served with garlic rice Php 85.00), Pinakbet (Php 45.00), Dinengdeng (Php 45.00) somehow  similar to pinakbet but fewer vegetables and contains more bagoong soup base and Sinanglaw (Php 65.00) made of beef innards which is similar to papaitan.

The main star of Stoops is of course their Bagnet Meal (served with plain/garlic rice and choice of side dish Php 105.00). I love how they managed to make it crispy as possible but tender inside. They serve big chunks of meat (5 pcs. based on my counting hihi) and you have the option to pick your side dish.

Bagnet + KBL (Kamatis Bagoong Lasuna)
Bagnet + TBA (Talong Bagoong Alamang)
Bagnet + KKB (Kamatis Talbos ng Kamote Bagoong)

Dip the “putok batok” meal in sukang iloko and I’m sure your taste bud will thank you after. If you want it a little spicy just add Php 5.00 and   you wouldn’t even think twice to get another cup of rice haha!

They also serve Chicken Bagnet (Php 125.00) which reminds me that I have to be back to try it out!


If you’re tired with your usual pancit give their Pancit with Bagnet (Php 75.00) a shot! For dessert choose between Halo Halo (Php88.00), Leche Flan (Php 30.00) or a cup of Ice Cream (Php 20.00).


By the way, before I forgot they also have Empanada (Php 45.00) which is out of stock that time!sigh!? Hmm I think it’s where they got their orange-y interior?! Just a guess haha!

Now who said I need to travel ten hours up north to have a taste of authentic Ilocano cuisine. Definitely a taste of north from south!Yipee!?


Trivia: Stoops is actually a funny moniker they call each other  (Jay and Galen) which means buddy.

Stoops Bagnet Ilocos

Unit 102 CMSR Bldg. President’s Avenue Paranaque City

0933 035 3412 / 02 886 8315

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