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Philcare and Cebu Pacific: Get Healthy, Go Places



We always love to discover and explore new places together. Whenever our time and budget permits we would scout for cheap travel deals online. Traveling is our way to bond and build memories, this is our way to enrich our togetherness as a couple.

13292990_10153788411190805_1248047190_nI’ve been patronizing Cebu Pacific’s GetGo lifestyle rewards program, where I can GetGo points when flying with Cebu Pacific. Good news we can now earn extra points by taking care of our health which we can use to redeem free flights. yahoo!


Philcare believes that the path to wellness goes beyond having an effective healthcare coverage or an immediate access to medical providers.


To be truly healthy means taking the time to enjoy life’s little pleasures while ensuring that you are protected for medical emergencies at all time.


Philcare and GetGo has launched “Get Healthy, Go Places” which will give as much as 750 GetGo points for every purchase of one of PhilCare’s prepaid health cards. PhilCare members are automatically eligible for a GetGo cards upon purchase of any of the prepaid health cards (ER Vantage cards, Medical and Dental cards, Health Vantage cards and Health Vantage Elite cards).


“Philcare is committed to continuously innovate in order to give our members a different perspective of the health care industry and to provide best-in-class customer experience. We started by offering the first NFC-enabled HMO card in the Philippines, introducing prepaid health cards, and, now, we are partnering with organizations and businesses that are well-known for their wellness programs and benefits,”shared Noemi G. Azura, President and CEO for Philcare.


By partnering with GetGo, PhilCare members will be more inspired to travel discover new places and get much-needed R&R. The “Get Healthy, Go Places” promo is just the first in a series as part of the  partnership between PhilCare and GetGo Rewards.


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