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Let’s get bubbly at Bubba Lab

After our tour to  The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center, we went to Bubba Lab for a quick fix of snacks. Not your usual coffee or milk tea shop, why? because they will let you remember your Chemistry days haha! Ooops!


An interesting place that makes me feel instantly that I’m inside a science laboratory. The interior has been kept simple to white, black and purple color. Almost every part of the shop compliments the idea of a lab from the lights, tables, beakers, cylinders, bottles and lab coats of their staff.



Let’s get scienTEAfic by ordering your drinks from the Periodic Table inspired menu. Honestly with too many options from Frost, Coffee, Frappe and Artisan Teas  it will make you go crazy! I caught myself playing around by asking hubby what’s the chemical symbol of a certain drink. Yay!


ScienTEAsts or their baristas are all busy experimenting or I mean preparing our drinks haha. This  scene reminds me one of our experiment before, when we mixed the baking soda and vinegar placed it inside a plastic bag, shaked it and poof! There goes the chemical reaction! Working at Bubba Lab looks really cool for me, as if they were just playing.


Hubby ordered the Scx (Salted Caramel Milk Tea Frost Php 95.00) while I got  Gx (Green Tea Frost Php 90.00). Not all drinks were served in a beaker, better ask their scienTEAsts while  choosing for your drink because it can add up (picture-worthy hehe) to your whole lab experience.  I find Scx too sweet for my taste after mixing and testing it out but hubby said he loved it! I never regret that I ordered Gx, it’s refreshing and the bitterness of green tea frost is addicting! (Sorry but I’m a green tea fan haha!)


Syringe filled with an Es (Espresso shot Php 25.00) for your Mc (Caramel Machiatto Php 100.00)  will definitely give you a boost to keep you going.


When Supernova (Php 225.00) arrived at our table, we screamed wow!  An explosion of squid fritters, jojos (potato)  and nachos  served in a funnel with a stand.  I bet you wouldn’t stop munching on their LABtizers plus you have the option to choose your LAB-made dips. Good for sharing up to 4 persons.

Served while it’s still hot, 100% potato and  well covered with cheesy powder- Bubba Lab’s Cheesy Crinkly Fries also stand out for me. There’s a magic in their fries that will make you crave for more.


Ending our Marikina’s Books + Food Combo date with a sweet treat of Red Velvet Grid Cake  with caramel syrup which was heavy on the tummy.

Labmates or Lovemates?
So if you want something new and fun?

Why don’t give them a try Labmates!


By the way, you can get  a 10% discount at Bubba Lab when you visit The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center or 10% discount on The Book Museum access fee when you dine first in Bubba Lab  as  part of the Books + Food Combo.

Promo runs until June 19, 2016.

Bubba Lab

Extension B, C&B Circle Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Avenue, Marikina Heights, Marikina City

Mondays to Sundays (10:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

How to get there:
From Cubao
? Head to Aurora Cubao (near Mc Donalds)
? Ride Jeepney heading to Tierra Monte East Drive
? Tell the driver to drop you off at C&P Mall (aka S’Mall)
Check out our Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center tour here.


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  1. This looks amazing! I’ve never seen a restaurant that looked like a lab before. And I love green tea too, so I’m sure I would enjoy what you ordered. Also I like really sweet coffee drinks too. Now I am really in the mood to try this place!

  2. The place looks and amazing and in general, this is quite a creative idea! Involving Chemistry and Food is just so wonderful. The place is affordable as well. Although, it’s quite far. I do hope I could visit this someday. πŸ™‚


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