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Philippine’s first and only MX4D Motion EFX Theater at Evia Lifestyle Center


Located along Daang Hari in Vista City, Evia Lifestyle Center is known as slowly emerging mall. If you’re running for an errand to do your grocery list, they have  supermarket, hardware, clothes and shoes boutiques, dining hub, coffee and tea shops, playground for kids and even a multi-specialty clinic.  Aside from all the things that you need when you go to a mall, they recently open their movie house. Good news to people from the south, just like us because we don’t need to travel far to experience the best cinema available in the world.


Some stores are still on-going construction but you may wander around the area and appreciate the luxurious “venetian” interior of the mall and of course take worthy pictures!


Located at 3rd floor, the four movie theaters are  equipped with unique top-of-the line features that are now ready to redefine the movie-watching experience in the Southern Metro.

Three of the four newly opened cinemas are fitted with the latest and the best in audio technology -Dolby Atmos – which allows movie-goers to feel like they’re part of every scene. Sound produced by the Atmos System is projected from every direction in the cinema and moves with the action on-screen – creating a one-of-a-kind movie experience.

Ticket lobby

All four theaters of the Vista Cinemas are equipped with luxury seating from Figueras (Spanish brand that specializes in crafting high-end seating for public spaces such as in The White House and the Philharmonie de Paris) and Luxus (A new and original concept of a lounge chair with a lower, reclining seating posture that provides added comfort through its active structure and smart operation, Japanese furniture brand by Okamura).

Cinema 1 (MX4D)

? Php 450.00-Php 500.00

? 80 seats


Cinema 2 (VIP Seating, Dolby Atmos)

? Php 395.00-Php 400.00

? 62 seats

? Luxus Chairs

cinema 2

Cinema 3 (Dolby Atmos)

? Php 270.00-Php 300.00

? 168 seats

? Figueras chairs

cinema 3

Cinema 4 (Dolby Atmos)

? Php 270.00-Php 300.00

? 168 Seats

? Luxus chairs

cinema 4

We got the chance to watch Batman V Superman once again, but this time in a more fun and exciting way. MX4d experience will change your usual movie date.


By wearing your 3D glasses you will feel right from the start that you are  part of the action on screen, jolts, turns, fogs, gusts of the wind and water blasts are some of the extraordinary things you will experience while watching a movie. I was about to scream when something brushed  my legs haha, that’s part of their movie effects too. It may even feel  weird that you can actually smell leaves, soil and the kryptonite I guess!?


If you will ask me if it’s worth the price?

Definitely! We need to try something new once in a while right??

Don’t worry Evia Lifestyle Center is very accessible for commuters!

#EnJOY date

Up next for MX4D action is the much-awaited blockbuster film  Captain America: Civil War. I heard they will be playing it for 24 hours during the weekend. Sounds exciting!

For updates on movie schedules you may check Vista Cinemas Facebook page or Evia Lifestyle Center Facebook page


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