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Board moments at Cafe.Tea.Ria

When everything gets more digital, there are still places  you can visit for a one-on -one social interaction with your family, friends or even your date. Just few steps away from our home we found this board game haven with a Japan’s cherry blossom ambiance.


Playing games is an easy and excellent way  of enjoyable bonding time. It can also be a great learning opportunity for your kids. They can increase your child’s critical thinking and even the urge to be competitive. Why not remove your  high tech gadgets once in a while and play with your kids. I know they will get crazy over these wide selection of board games.


Because my two nephews are officially on vacation from school, I brought them to Cafe.Tea.Ria for a tita ninang duties afternoon. (giggles!;). Upon entering the shop, they can’t contain their excitement and immediately grabbed some of the board games. They have regular sized tables and chairs but the boys decided to picked a more comfy table on the floor.


Playing without food is boring right?!

Cafe.Tea.Ria serves frappe, wide choices of tea and snacks at a very affordable price. For as low as Php 35.00 you can get yourself a drink.


We tried their  5.5 inches Tower Burger (Php 150.00) stuffed with 2 pcs. quarter pound patties, hash brown, spam, tomatoes, egg, 2 slices of cheese, lettuce, carmelized onions and a special cheese sauce. The burger was too big and can be shared by two people, well depending on the capacity of your stomach. I love their burger because it’s not to greasy to eat and the patties are just cooked right. The  generous slice of spam added to your burger was also awesome, you will never feel “tinipid” ingredients!  How I wished they have bigger buns to compensate all the meat and fillings.


You can also have the freedom to create your own burger depending on your taste and of course your budget. I listed down their prices below, so you can start to imagine your own burger.

Cafe.Tea.Ria Customized Burger

Patty  100 g. (Php 40.00)

Spam (Php 20.00

Bacon (Php 15.00)

Hash Brown (Php 20.00)

Cheese (Php 10.00)

Lettuce (Php 10.00)

Onion/Tomato (Php 10.00)

Egg (Php 10.00)


Finger food such as French Fries (Php 55.00) and Chicken Popcorn (Php 60.00) are also available in bbq, cheese and sour cream flavor. You’ll be curious on how they managed to do it in big servings without comprising their price. The bite-sized pieces of chicken that have been breaded (just right, so you can actually enjoy the chicken), fried (crispy)  and flavored were so good. The kids can’t stop munching on them while they are busy playing.


They may have a small space but when it comes to drinks you can have many options. From coffee-based frappe to tea that has many “healthy” benefits. You always have a reason to enjoy a quality drink without burning your pockets hehe!

Frappe (Php 69.00-Php 79.00)

Hazelnut, Cappucino, Rocky Road, Double Dutch, Cookies and Cream, Java Chip, Swiss Mocha, Coffee Crumble, Vanila and Caramel Macchiato

Milk Tea (Php 50.00 -Php 65.00)

Wintermelon, Okinawa, Hokaido, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Taro, Swiss Mocha, Green Tea and Caramel

Yakult Mix (Php 59.00-Php 69.00)

Strawberry, Lychee, Mango, Green Apple, Blueberry

Fruit Tea (Php 50.00-Php 65.00)

Strawberry, Lychee, Mango, Green Apple, Blueberry

Fresh Tea (Php 35.00-Php 50.00)

Assam and Jasmine

Special Mix (Php 89.00)

Nutella Milk Tea, Cocoa with RSC, Green Matcha, Milo Dinosaur and Orea Milk Team

Shakes  (Php 35.00-Php 50.00)

Watermelon, Bubblegum, Mango Carabao, Buco Pandan and Choco Mousse

Add-ons/Floaters (Php 10.00-15.00)

Coco Jelly, Pearls, Egg Pudding, Coffee Jelly, Popping Boba (Strawberry/Lychee),Rock Salt & Cheese, Marshmallows, Mini Choco Kisses and Sprinkles

Hubby and I, ordered the Wintermelon and Taro Milk Tea with 50 % sugar. Good thing, you can can control the sugar level of your drink as we we’re cutting down  our sugar intake. For the kids we let them drink the Yakult Mix (Green Apple & Lychee). They have this  Popping Boba, a thin, gel-like skin with juice inside that bursts in your mouth which I found so cool haha!


It was indeed a well spent afternoon with my nephews at Cafe.Tea.Ria. I know for sure that we will be one of their “suki”!


The worst part of our Cafe.Tea.Ria bonding date?

You can’t convince them that it’s time to go home!haha!



(open daily from 1:oo PM – 2:00 AM)

Cabeza corner Avenida Rizal St. Bahayang Pag-Asa Subdivision, Molino Bacoor Cavite. Beside Prime Global Care Medical Center.

By the way, they also serve alcoholic drinks from 6:00 PM t0 11:00 PM perfect for you barkada chill nights!


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