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It’s summer time! Do you have any plans of hitting the beach? I can still remember  my  Cebu trip last month where hubby and I stayed at the beach the whole day. Got our body kissed by the sun, took a swim and enjoyed every moment of it. But if you think that spending time at the beach is just limited to swimming, there’s a lot more that you can do.

Have you tried surfing??

Surfing is a great water sport. Get yourself an adventure instead of just being lazy!Immersing yourself into a surfer’s culture brings benefits that make it one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences of your life.

It can make you fit.

Imagine yourself in an amazingly ripped physique while you’re ripping those waves

Everyone wants a perfect “beach bod” right? Surfing is a physically demanding activity, but fun at the same time. You engage your entire body when you start to surf. The more you surf, the more motivated you become to becoming fit and healthy. When you’re healthy, you give instantly give yourself a confidence boost.

If you need to get away, you’ll find a perfectly good form of release through this activity. You’ll find solitude. You’ll make new friends. And, they said being on those waves gives one a sense of oneness and respect for nature. There’s really always something therapeutic in whisking yourself for a while

Sounds interesting right?

Now, do you want to learn surfing?

TropicalSwells is excited to teach anyone interested, starting from 4 years old and up. Equipped with life-saving skills, our instructors are ASI-certified. They found a way to merge both benefits in a safe and fun way through their Surf School at White Rock Beach Hotel + Waterpark in Matain, Subic.


TropicalSwells, a Philippine surf school that offers a fun and safe surf experience for beginners, avid enthusiasts and all interested members of your family, is holding an intensive SurfCamp at that starts at a wave pool in Subic and graduates you on the open waters of Baler!


You may check out their packages:

TropicalSwells SurfCamp  

Teaching you the basics of surfing while arming you with courage and confidence, allowing you to experience being and feeling stoked, and preparing you for surfing ocean waves.

(will accommodate 15 registrants only)

? PhP 12,000.00 per participant,

? 3-days, 2-nights surf trip on April 29, 2016 to May 1, 2016

? includes six surf sessions

? use of surf boards

? rashguards

? surf equipment required for each surf session

? transportation

? accommodation

? food

? certification of completion from TropicalSwells

Interested participants as young as 4 years old can register for the intensive SurfCamp via


TropicalSwells’ IntroSurf

For those who would like to try out surfing first, they can guarantee you’ll learn the basics of surfing and surf waves on the wave pool in 2 hours.

(will accommodate 15 registrants only)

 ? day-trip on April 24, 2016

 ? PhP 3,000.00 per person

? includes 1 surf session

? use of surf boards

? rashguards

? other surf equipment required for each surf session

? transportation

? resort entrance and use of specified resort facilities


Interested participants as young as 4 years old can register for the IntroSurf via

TropicalSwells holds private surf trips for groups of 15 members for both IntroSurf and SurfCamp as well.

For inquiries, please email

Can’t wait to personally try them so sooooon!;)











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