A dialogue with Senator Gringo Honasan

I was never into politics, but being invited to a rare opportunity to interview a senator was something new for me so I did not hesitate and said yes!

Who is Gringo Honasan?

Senator Gregorio Ballesteros Honasan II or also known as Gringo Honasan,  an ordinary soldier who enter politics in 1995. He was the first independent candidate in Philippine political history who won in national elections. He was re-elected in 2001 and again in 2007.

Some of the bills he authored and co-authored include the following:

  • Clean Air Act of 1999
  • Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.
  • Clean Water Act, National Security Policy, Disaster Risk Reduction Management Act of 2009

It was an intimate group with no script involved, everyone had a chance to asked their personal questions, with no hesitations Sen. Gringo Honasan had the courage to answer it all.

Sharing with you a brief summary of the said interview.


Meaningful change is possible

People awareness that he is running for the second highest position and  trying to catch up with visibility and audibility  to introduce the program of UNA. When Filipino people get together under the moral leadership, meaningful change is possible!

What’s the premiere problem in the Philippines and possible solutions

Priorities are rearrange because the main consideration is not anymore the public interest. Strategically, it is still poverty alleviation. So much to do for the next administration when it comes to poverty. When you talk about the policy where we have a vacuum, we don’t have a clear economic, foreign, security policy and everything emanates from there.

We don’t have clear definition of our national interests. We have failed to realize that our most precious, strategic and renewable are our children. They are the next generation of leaders and citizens. Help the next generation of leaders and citizens become smarter (education) , healthier (integrate nutritious program), stronger (sports and recreation) , happier (harmony  in the families and cooperation in the communities)  and safer (peace and order) which completes a long term development.

As an Anti crime czar

He’d rather deal with it in a generic sense. Like peace and order, it’s something that you relegate to policemen and soldiers only. Security, safety, protection, it has to be in compassing. No one is safe if some are  left behind. We rather get out of poverty together or we all stay together to fight and faces challenges.


Thoughts on the  Vice Presidential debate

You have to articulate your platforms not to explain your SALN. It should be a clean, credible, fair and honest election as you compete, as candidates, as leaders in the free market of vision, ideas and leadership. You don’t make the changes happen during the campaign period, you should have a track record and make changes happen between elections.

Concept of being a hero

Develop a stronger sense of education by teaching our next generation of leaders and citizens factual history devoid of organized hypocrisy. A job of leader is not to give the people what  they want rather teach them to stop dreaming and help in building this nation. If you want another EDSA Revolution do it on social media with great responsibility.

A family  man

I have to insulate my family from politics, our children partly by choice are musician and artist. The rule that we followed according to my wife, no one need to become a soldier and politician. We did not want any of  our children to follow my pattern from being a soldier, rebel and a politician. “My children are not used to attention and they seem to be not affected. They retreat to their music and leave me alone in my agony to face the tormentors,” Honasan made a humor out of the fact that he’s insulted in history books, and bashed left-and-right by ‘paid’ media.

May 2016 Elections

Power should be put to good use. Looking forward to talk to other candidates on  what to do after the elections. The answer to election fraud is not a protest, the answer to malicious prosecution is not motion for reconsideration. Propagate your idealism, your sense of duty, your love of country to those who are willing to listen. Let’s fix our own backyard by having a clean and honest elections.

Point of view on fixing the nation and security

We should not depend on other nations. Let’s develop our beautiful country and get together as a people. Let’s get together behind whomever is selected. Develop a real political party system, issue oriented and platform driven.Crime is not the problem, nobody wants to be a criminal, given a  proper job no one would want to be a rebel or terrorist.


Photo credit: www.orangemagazine.ph

4 Comments to “A dialogue with Senator Gringo Honasan”

  1. I noticed that Gringo is still not on radar as a candidate for vp. I rarely see him on my facebook or twitter. His staff needs to do a lot to improve his visibility most especially in social media which is now a powerful and effective tool to connect to people. Thank you for introducing Gringo to us. Goodluck to his candidacy!

  2. I’ve met the good Senator, I believe twice in his political career. My impression is he is a good family man. To me, an effective leader can be gauged by looking at his/her own family. Too bad, he is associated with shady characters.


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