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#Share the KK at the Emoji Park

Emoji usually liven up my  messages to hubby.
“Please bring  ????!”
“What are you doing with ????”
Emoji comes from the Japanese word  E means “picture” and moji as “character”.
Can you imagine these cutie small icons ??☺️ will not just only be available in your text or messenger but also in your doughnuts????


Last February 20, Krispy Kreme turned the Bonifacio High Street Activity Center into an Emoji Park, where families ?‍?‍?‍?, friends ?? and even couples? like us enjoyed a day full of emojis and activities.


By simply purchasing a Krispy Kreme emoji dougnut? or showing their  Krispy Kreme app in their mobile phone ? everyone enjoyed their free access to the park?.

sugar rush

Sayang ?! I wasn’t able to bring my nephews ?? with me, I’m sure they will also have a great time as  much as we did!?

Design your Own Doughnuts ??Booth are available, where you can personally choose your desired emoji icons. From smileys ???, heart ❤️?, krispy kreme mug ☕️, flower ?, like sign? and many more.

this kid is excited to create his emoji dougnuts
you are allowed to pick 3 emojis for each doughnut

This Korean girl ? caught my attention while her mom was so happy recording  ? her video. She said it was her daughter’s first time to try to made her own doughnut ?.



I have made my own kk doughnut ? last December but I can’t resist myself  ? so I tried it again for the second time haha ??!


Hubby don’t want to miss this chance so he patiently waited for his turn.


Most children ??????? piled up at Face Paint and Nail Art Booth. The little girls ?????? go gaga over the different colors of nail polishes. After a design is finished for the face painting, and mirror was hold up to the child’s face  I watched them with a delight in their eyes ? as their smile broadens ☺️.

face painting booth


pretty girl
face painting

Got myself a smiley!???


They have the coolest ?interactive game “Catch Em KK”, for every successful catch of different emojis you can get your own KK emoji shirt for free!

Catch  EM KK Emojis
Emoji Shirt Printing Area

Or if you bought 1 box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (minimum of 6) ??????that is equal to one emoji shirt ?. You have the option to pick your own design.?


waiting for my emoji shirt

I think ? these children consumed a lot of doughnuts ??? and can’t stop  ?their energy while swimming ?? and jumping inside the Ball ? Trampoline Pool.

they entertained me well haha

It was indeed an another memorable day for us that we can treasure forever!?

Creative Photobooth

Knowing that emojis are the newest way to add depth and dimension on how we communicate, Krispy Kreme Emoji Magic will be a year-long campaign. There will also be Doughnut Emojis ??that will be made exclusively to celebrate the magical seasons of the year from love?, summer ?, passion ??and even holidays!?⛄️?

With #ShareTheKK let’s start the year or more Emoji Magic!???

Don’t forget to watch the short film about love called “Sweet Somethings” by Venice Film Awardee Pepe Diokno.???

You may check the video at Krispy Kreme Philippines (Official).


24 Comments to “#Share the KK at the Emoji Park”

  1. I thought the doughnuts would look like emojis? Or the emojis are just those little things you use to decorate the doughnut with? Anyway, I’d sure love to try my hand at customizing my doughnut because I’m a control freak haha…

  2. Krispy Kreme is everyone’s best friend! Haha. I would love to make my own donut, too! I hope the Krispy Kreme here in Harbor Point Subic would do the same activity for everyone. I’m happy that you enjoyed your time there, hope next time your nephews are with you na. Hehe

  3. This seems like a really nice event that people from every walks of life can enjoy! I myself is a big fan of Krispy Kreme and I really love the way you can customize your own doughnuts! I also love their themed donuts too!

  4. Emojis!!! I like them and I like using them a lot. My boyfriend is not quite fond of emojis, but he’s making up by using stickers on the chat box. haha It’s a nice ad campaign for KK. If there’s ne thing I miss from PH, it’s donuts! I mean, really good donuts. Glad you enjoy the park!


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