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Man vs. Pizza at Yellow Cab Baliwag

I guess everybody knows Yellow Cab right?  Every time I see the  yellow sign that looks like a plate number that means PIZZA! Whenever Hubby and I craves for something to eat we always go for pizza (and we don’t even know why!haha), we can have it for snack, lunch or anytime that we want to, we can enjoy it in comfort of our home by delivery or just go to the nearest pizza parlor.


Recently Yellow Cab opened  another Branch at SM Baliwag Bulacan and we’re invited to be part of it. If you still remember from our previous adventures  we  have  also tried making our own Yellow Cab pizza. This time it is something different and exciting!

Free Pizza

For their first 100 customers they generously gave out  6″ pizza by liking their Facebook Page. There’s no need to purchase anything and you can enjoy your pizza for FREE!:)

Lovin the interior

Let’s now proceed to the main catch of their store opening, the Man vs. Pizza challenge! For the mechanics you just need to eat the pizza for 30 minutes, oh I mean the 18″ New York Style Pizza all by yourself.

Are you up for the challenge?

Almond starts to call out the contestant one by one

I’m one of the 5 contestant for the first batch, who bravely accepted the challenge! I have watched many programs that had the same concept, but I didn’t imagine myself that I will be joining this kind of event. I love pizza sooo much, but not to the point that I can eat the whole box of it in just one sitting while many people stares at me. I guess their thinking what the heck I’m doing haha!

Let’s start the pizza battle!

As I’ve opened the box, I feel nervous. Oh boy!How can I finish this monstrous pizza?! I saw hubby cheering for me and reminded me to take it slowly. I got excited with my first bite of warm pizza crust topped with pepperoni and tomato sauce and cheese. It is so good haha and I’m enjoying it.

18′ pizza

While everyone’s taking it seriously, I’ve still managed to pose for this shot haha! After 10 minutes, I’m now on my 2nd pizza, I can’t help but look at the other contestants and check how many slices they have eaten already. I’m convincing myself that I don’t need to win but please don’t put me on the last spot.

sooo yummy!

After 30 minutes of battling with our pizza, I only ate three slices! (not bad!I’m on the third place hihi). This young man won the 1st place and he can enjoy his 6 months supply of  free Yellow Cab 18″ pizza.

He ate 6 slices of pizza.

Second batch of contestants was an all men group, where hubby was included. The crowd wen’t gaga when this 23 year old guy stood up, sandwiched the three slices of pizza and bite it all together. I was also shocked on how did that!

pizza 3
see that bunch of pizzas on his hand?

He managed to finished all the 8 slices of pizza for 13 minutes! whew! It’s just a piece of cake, I mean pizza! . Take note, he is also the record holder of fastest pizza eating contest  (5 minutes) of Yellow Cab Visayas Avenue.

Would you dare to challenge this Man-ster Pizza?

pizza 4
Hubby was amazed haha! He was just on his 2nd slice.
Rix Francisco- record holder of Yellow Cab Man vs. Pizza

This is another addition to our #EnJOY adventures that we will never forget!

“Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know”

I heard their launching more than  15 branches within this year, to keep you on track for the series of their activities kindly follow Yellow Cab’s social media accounts:

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/YellowCabPizzaOfficial

Instagram : https://instagram.com/YellowCabPizza

21 Comments to “Man vs. Pizza at Yellow Cab Baliwag”

  1. That’s insane! I love pizza too but I don’t think I could eat very much in 30 minutes! My son was just watching a video where a guy ate a huge pot of Nutella in 5 minutes. It was painful to watch. Those eating contests shouldn’t be with food that is nice! I would think it makes you hate it afterward! I hope you didn’t get put off pizza!

  2. i LOVE PIZZA SO MUCH TOO! Whenever my friends are out, we usually look for any pizza place to eat. Most of the time, Pizza Hut is available. Yellow Cab is a nice go-to too. I’m craving for pizza right now. HAHAHAHA.


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