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Chinese Lantern Exhibit by Chan Lim Family


Activities like drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography are relaxing and it can lower your stress levels and leave you feeling mentally clear and calm. We are lucky that we witnessed  the opening of Chan Lim’s Chinese Lantern exhibit last January 24, 2016  at SM City North Edsa.

On the spot Chinese brush  painting by Mr. Alex Chan Lim

Some people think that you have to  create paintings or obra to be considered real artist. I admit that I am not born with talent on arts but I have strong passion to learn.  I was amazed on how easily Mr. Alex Chan Lim  demonstrate the Chinese brush  painting. According to him each brush stroke has a technique, you should let your hands follow the stroke of the brush.

He is an engineer by profession!

It’s now our time to do our own artwork. This is a tough challenge!

See our teacher?  He’s been doing it for almost 3 years now, some of his artworks are also included in the exhibit.

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I thought it was easy but boy I was wrong! You need a certain discipline and lot of practice to master each brush stroke.

We’re taking it seriously!

To keep us more inspired Grace Christian College orchestra also serenaded us with some famous Chinese music.


I enjoyed the workshop so much that I almost forgot that I have to go to work after the event hihi;)

See my masterpiece? I know! I know! It doesn’t look like an art haha!



The Chan Lim family is one of the few remaining notable Chinese brush painting artists in the country today. They have been actively involved in the arts for more than four decades now!



The grand collection of their  Chinese Lanterns are beautifully displayed at SM North Edsa until February 11, 2016.





This is open to public and free,so better bring your family and friends. There are over 100 hand-painted lanterns on display. I only uploaded my personal favorite so there will be  a little excitement on your part!;)

Never miss a chance to see something beautiful!

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