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A Pinoy Peri Peri Buffet!

It was our 57th month last weekend and yes we still celebrate it!:)Aside from watching movies, food was something that unite us together, of course who doesn’t love to eat. When we heard that the Bahay Buffet, same people behind the famous BAGA Manila will launch its Pinoy Peri Peri Buffet at Lakefront Sucat, Hubby and I are so excited to try it out. image

I admit commuting to Sucat was really a challenge, we’re stuck along the road for more than an hour.  Battling with the traffic was worth it upon seeing the relaxing ambiance of the place. Colorful cloth flags and lanterns are everywhere, many people are comfortable sitting on the banig provided along the grass, regular wooden tables and chairs are also available. See the white cat? They are pet friendly too!;)


So what is a Peri Peri? According to Mr. Wikipedia it is also called the African bird’s eye chili that is brought to India by the Portuguese. Bahay Buffet tweaked it to Pinoy style recipe that will definitely suits our taste buds. For the price of P299.00 you can enjoy their menu for 2 1/2 hours.

Buffet table

The good thing about this buffet, you can enjoy your food while it’s still hot. I’m curious how many hours they need to marinade the meat because it was all bursting with flavors. The beef  was so tender and juicy, trust me my mouth did not get tired chewing it! Chicken wings are my personal favorite, It was so addicting that I almost forgot that they also serve rice hihi. I have tried different longganisa before,but their home made peri peri longga dog was something new for me. It had just the right battle of sweet and saltiness for you to keep grabbing more. The bangus belly was also two thumbs up, there’s no stench taste so you can guarantee that it’s all fresh. I can’t remember how many times did I go back and forth to the buffet table hehe!

see all that spices?!

Don’t worry all about that grease because they are using pomace olive oil while cooking which also adds to the flavor.

my personal favorite:)

Healthier side dish such Salads, sweet corn and marble potatoes are also a good accompaniments to their main dishes.


What’s for dessert? A basket of fruits! They freshly sliced these sweets to end your meal on a light yet special note.


Drinks are available on top of the buffet price. They have varieties of soft drinks and beers.


I heard they have different menu line up for this year. Check out Bahay Buffet Facebook Page for more buffet experience!

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21 Comments to “A Pinoy Peri Peri Buffet!”

  1. This place reminds me of Banchetto in Ortigas, we used to visit that place after our shift, before heading home. That was when I was still working in a corporate office. This one looks really nice too, but too far from us.

  2. I see.. so this is more of an Indian-inspired meal… it seems like a stomach-fulfilling buffet huh.. with different kinds of meat with flavorful spices matched with veggies and fruits, i guess the 299 is really worth it


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