Way of giving back by Zoomanity Group: Open Heart, Open Park Project

Since I was in high school, Volunteering was always close to my heart. Many people are asking why do I invest my money and time in doing charitable works. For me, the sense of fulfillment is different when you help other people in your own little ways. I was lucky and privilege to be part of “Christmas Gift Giving” activity by Zoomanity Group that was held last December 13 at Zoocobia (Clark, Pampanga) and Zoobic Safari (Subic).


They opened their theme parks for free and toured the children around. Everyone enjoyed their close interaction with different animals. Ofcourse that includes me! I can still imagine the big smile on their faces.

My personal fave Zooc ride?


The fun did not stop there! We also celebrated Mr. Roberto L. Yupangco -CEO Zoomanity Group birthday.


I salute people like him that despite his busy schedules he chose and managed to spend his time with these kids. He let the children from our group did the distribution of gifts, for him this is the best way on how we can teach our children the value of sharing and caring.

At Zoocobia


At Zoobic Safari

Food was served and everybody had the chance to played some parlor games and witnessed the animal shows.

Kudos to Zoomanity Group staffs, TAGMedia and all volunteers for this memorable event. Looking forward for next year activity, hope I can join again:)


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  1. Joy,

    Hi there. This is a nice post and now I know there is another zoo I can visit.

    I have two observations and I hope you don’t mind.

    1. In the title, there is no space after the colon. Is this because of SEO title reason?

    2. From people who do charitable work, I often hear them say there were people questioning them. I can understand where they are coming from so I don’t think that is a negative. I suppose the best thing that can happen is to continue and to open their eyes, influence them to do the same. We could use more people like you. Thank you.

  2. Looks like it is another zoo that is worth visiting. Visited pampanga once only – and that too when I was little. Heard a lot about Clark, Pampanga. Hoping to visit it someday.

    Regarding charity work – my family experienced the same. My mom who use to engage with charitable works has received a lot of negative feedback from other people such as “she’s giving too much to the point that nothing is left with her”

    At some point, even I got mad at my mom for giving too much keeping less or even none to us, her family. But, it is what makes my mom feels happy and self-fulfilled. After all, what she gives to people is her own earned money.

    And now that I grew up, I realised how blessed we are – that what my mom was giving to others were just really for them. I realised that when we have more than enough – it is because God just makes us as tools to give to others what are really theirs.

    Glad the kids enjoyed their zoo trip!
    Keep up what you do.


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