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Date Night at Burgos Eats


Max’s Group, Inc. (MGI) recently go beyond their individual stores and create a venue where a community of diners can interact with each other and enjoy some of the company’s loved food brands.

They opened Burgos Eats which is located along Rizal Drive corner 29th Street Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City (near Mind Museum)​.

In Burgos Eats you have the freedom and flexibility to order your food from the five restaurants without having to physically move from one store to next.They have have reinvented ordinary dining experiences to make it more fun and a lot more engaging.

A more laid back atmosphere at the common area

Whenever we went out for a date or just a simple dinner, there are instances that I crave for more than three food choices. Sometimes I even asked hubby to have it on the go, but we’re hesitant to bring the food inside the another resto.

Imagine at Burgos Eats you can enjoy the following food stores in one roof:

Jamba Juice

They are known in offering only fresh ingredients to their fresh squeezed juice and smoothies, without any of those artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup. They also serve different options of flat breads and wraps that you can partner with your drink.  What I love about their drink that it has less ice or any watery substance so you can truly enjoy your healthy drink.

We have tried their branch along Alabang Town Center and our personal favorite are   Chocolate Moo’d Smoothie for hubby and Strawberry Swirl for me.


During their launch everyone had the chance to participate in their “Mix Your Own Smoothie” Activity. You got to experience doing your own Jamba Juice!

“If you aren’t happy with your smoothie, we’ll make you another one NO CHARGE”

That’s how they value their customers!


Krispy Kreme

Almost everywhere you can see Krispy Kreme outlets. I find their stores clean and comfy especially their big stores where you can just sit in some of their couches while enjoying your donuts. Their donuts are known for being presentable, with lots of colors and designs which makes you crave for more. Usually they have flavors associated with well know chocolates like kitkat, snickers, ferrero and a lot more. I cannot tolerate its sweetness that’s why I always go for their honey glazed doughnuts. If you love sweets, their donuts are perfect for you.

Joy in a box

Some of their branches have their own kitchen where the public can see how they made their donuts. We got to decorate our own donuts too by dipping it in melted chocolate and top it with sprinkles. I enjoyed this activity so much because it’s a rare opportunity that you can do this!?

I think I I need more practice haha!

Teriyaki Boy

In case you’re looking for a heavy meal or a japanese experience meal, MGI also carry the Teriyaki Boy. I noticed that Teriyaki Boy  had changed a lot, from their logo and ambience. It’s nice to know that they continue to evolve to satisfy their customers. We usually order Gyoza, Philly Cheese Steak Roll and Sukiyaki Beef. I must say that Teriyaki Boy is somehow friendly to your pocket.


They invited Mr. Bobby Ruiz  to  demonstrate  Origami (the art of paper folding). His artworks were amazing. I can’t imagine how he was able to come up with different masterpieces by just using pieces of colored papers. I remember myself that I used to search online for origami instructions but unfortunately I’m not good as him haha!


Yellow Cab

Here goes our favorite, PIZZA!  Yellow Cab is known for their vibrant New York mood. Combination of yellow and black,  taxi cab, pipes, steels, rustic interior and warm lights sets your mood while enjoying your freshly cooked pizza.


Aside from variety of pizza choices, we love their Charlie Chan  Chicken Pasta and wings -a must try. Don’t forget your Sola drink too!


Yellow Cab made the event more interactive by letting us Craft our own Pizza! From preparing the  crust, desired toppings, placing it in the oven and even slicing it.


Pancake House

For a warm and homey atmosphere there’s the Pancake House.  Pancakes have always been our long time comfort food, and it’s great that this place offers pancakes all throughout the day!


They prepared Card Games for everyone.


We definitely enjoyed our Burgos Eats date night, with matching acoustic music.


“We envision Burgos Eats to become a breath of fresh air in the local casual dining scene and enrich the Filipino’s dining tradition while catering to the country’s changing food culture”, says Jim T. Fuentebella, MGI’s Executive Director for Marketing.

Take note they are pet friendly and offer free parking.

What are you waiting for?

Tara Let’s Eat at Burgos Eats!;)















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