Smart Enterprise Unveils Smart Logistic Solutions for Transport Firms


Smart Solutions Logistics Launch- New suite of products to help improve operational efficiency

Last September 19, 2015, I was invited to attend the Smart Solutions Logistics Launch at The BlueLeaf Filipinas, Paranaque City

Well, that’s me while waiting for the event to start!?

What is it all about?

Wireless service provider for SMEs, Smart Enterprise, launched the Smart Logistics Solutions—a business-to-business (B2B) suite of software and hardware specifically designed to cater to the needs of transportation, logistics and distribution industries.

Actor and comedian Arnel Ignacio hosted the event
The band named Filipinas entertained the crowd

PLDT EVP and ePLDT President and CEO Eric Alberto noted that the launch of Smart Enterprise’s new product suite encourages SMEs to move towards a mobile and digital vision for their businesses.

“To stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, it is crucial for companies to provide speed and accuracy in delivering their services,” he said. “Through Smart Logistics Solutions, we will empower transport companies to enable prompt service, accurate tracking of assets and access data by automating their business.”

Smart SME Nation Marketing Head Nephele V. Denosta talks about the different products under the Smart Logistics Solutions suite

Venture forward

With Smart Logistics Solutions, SMEs can now say goodbye to manual monitoring of assets, paper-based data gathering, and traditional reports. The suite consists of mobile applications and solutions designed to reduce cost of business operations, improve monitoring efficiency and increase customer satisfaction for SMEs.

Specifically, Smart Logistics Solutions offers SMEs the following mobile applications and solutions: asset tracker-vehicle, fleet management and e-ticketing system for transportation; and, for logistics, the asset tracker vehicle and asset tracker-personnel, as well as proof of delivery (power form).

Smart Tracker is a solution that utilizes GPS tracking system to enable users to monitor their vehicle or field force personnel’s location in real time. This solution will help businesses increase operational efficiency and ensure asset security.

Smart E-ticketing handles scheduling and fares for transport companies. It manages and monitors admissions and retail from your head office while tracking sales real-time.

Smart Fleet is a cloud-based solutions designed to help businesses perform the following operations – vehicle management including maintenance, dispatching and cashiering, driver data and reports.

Smart Form is a digital way of tracking goods’ shipment that leverages the mobile technology and replaces the pen-and-paper system.

PLDT FVP and SME Business Group Head Kat Luna-Abelarde talks about the pivotal role of technology in today’s business landscape.
PLDT FVP and SME Business Group Head Kat Luna-Abelarde talks about the pivotal role of technology in today’s business landscape

PLDT FVP and SME Business Head Kat Luna-Abelarde added, “Speed and accuracy in delivering services give SMEs the edge in today’s fast paced and technology driven business landscape. With Smart Logistics Solutions, it does not have to be a strain on the overhead expenses nor does it have to be complex. To thrive in today’s digitally changing times, SMEs need to be able to harness technology to their advantage, and that’s our mission.”

Some guests got a chance to try out Smart Form—Smart SME Nation’s digital alternative to the traditional pen-and-paper system
The Food Panda mascot delighted guests with its crazy antics
Yes, they are generous!My luck did not work this time
From one their sponsors, Food Panda! An online food delivery

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