Weekend in Mt. Pico de Loro

We were invited by my mountaineer friend to join their day hike at Mt. Pico de Loro and an overnight camping by the beach with a minimal expense (he was consistently inviting me over a year now!?). I was hesitant at first because it will be my first hike and I don’t think I’m capable. We only have four days to prepare before the actual climb. Instead of watching a movie which was our original plan for weekend I said to my husband why don’t we try it!

The usual me, I did some research about the mountain.

Here are some facts about Mt. Pico de Loro, thanks to Mr. Google!?

Mount Pico de Loro, also known as Mount Palay-Palay, is part of a protected Forest in Ternate province of Cavite. The mountain is one of the ancient volcanic features of Bataan Arc. At 664 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in Cavite. It’s very accessible from Manila with a 2 1/2 hour travel time.

They said it is one of the easiest mountains to climb for a beginner like me. (really?!?)

Pico de Loro was first named by Spanish sea-farers which means “Parrot’s Beak” as its pointed summit resembles the shape of a parrot’s beak from afar and it is commonly used as a signal by sea-farers to turn east to get to Manila Bay.


I have read many write ups, blogs and pictures about the mountain which makes me more excited and finally said YES! We’re joining and start packing up our things.

Saturday. September 05, 2015

Started our day with heavy breakfast. From Bacoor Cavite it took us an hour to reached the DENR jump off site using private vehicle (group of 7).

Hello there Mr. Pico!

We have to wait for the other group from Manila, good thing there are comfort rooms so do all necessary things before you register. Time check 9:18 AM when we started the hike.

Photo grabbed from Awey


Our group photo….(blurred!?)

The climb was easy for the first few minutes (as in first few minutes only!?)The trail is covered with big trees that  provides us  shade through out the hike. There are some areas where the soil is slippery, due to the heavy rains the night before. Get ready to stretch your leg muscles most of time while following the trail, hopping at fallen big tree trunks, gliding, choosing  where you can hold on to avoid slipping or soaking in the mud. After 3 hours of physical battle with the trail we reached the campsite where we had our packed lunch. There were tables, chairs and mini stores where you can buy cold drinks but they are too pricey!

You can enjoy the breezy air and this magnificent view while resting at the campsite..
Seriously?! We still need to climb that?

After resting for few minutes, it’s time to climb all the way to the summit. I don’t have fear of heights but the assault to summit was so hard, the climb was so steep that you have crawl and  control your balance.



Lucky me!?hubby was able to took this shot!?

My legs are all shaking  and  I can’t stop my heart from beating so fast when we reached the summit. The breath taking view really worth my pain and struggles while climbing all the way up!

Feels like heaven upon reaching the top!
Love on top!☺️
I will see you again!☺️

Climbing the monolith looks really dangerous. According to others you need to climb an estimate of 12 ft. barricade using a rope, you have to be cautious and strong enough to climb the rocks. I was so tired and we’re soaked up in the heat of the sun. I decided not to climb the monolith, I think I am not yet ready!?


I decided to hire a tour guide to assist me to go down from the summit. I was amazed on how a teenager with a small body frame ( I am bigger than him) managed to hold me while we walked down. This time all you have to do is trust your tour guide and of course your self!

See how tired I am?I slept for an hour while waiting for our friends from the monolith!?

Me and hubby just waited at the camp site for our friends who decided to conquer the monolith. This time my talent comes in handy I can sleep everywhere!hehe!? I have to regain my strength because we still need to take the same trail again to go back to DENR jump off site. We’re quite in a hurry because its getting dark and we don’t have our flash light with us. We managed to finished the trail in 2 hours! I don’t know how I made it, all I know is I’m scared to be stranded in dark so I kept on walking until we reached the jump off site. There are comfort rooms that you can use for 10.00 pesos if you want to take a shower (using tabo) to freshen you up.

My shoes after the hike!?


We got hungry after the hike and tried their lugaw!Guess what?we all love it!?You can also buy Pico de Loro souvenirs along the stores. Again, we waited for others and headed to Tanza for an overnight beach camping. We had boodle fight along with other group (bbq, inihaw na bangus, corn) during dinner. If you are a beach lover and used to white sands I suggest look for other beach along Batangas!

We ended the night by sleeping in our tent along the beach side.

Wifey duties preparing morning coffee!
Mini breakfast before the actual breakfast!hehe!?

Past 9:00AM we all decided to went home to have some rest.

Actual Expenses

250.00 gas expenses and food for lunch (we bought Andoks chicken and rice along the way)
50.00 DENR jump off site registration for 2 pax
50.00 tour guide
400.00 contribution for dinner and breakfast plus overnight camping by the beach
70.00 lugaw for 2 pax
30.00 mais co yelo
60.00 bag tag souvenir

910.00 total expenses (me and hubby)

Things to bring for day hike:
✔️ trail food (granola bars, nuts, jelly aces, or any food that can fill your empty stomach while walking)
✔️ at least 3 liters if water per person (yes! you will need it or you can buy along the campsite if you don’t         want it to add up on your weight while climbing but it’s overpriced)
✔️ light weight waterproof bag that can carry necessary things during the climb
✔️ clothes (I decided wear dry fit clothes, leggings with shorts and wear protective clothing like warmers for my arms to avoid getting scratched and being soaked up in the sun)
✔️ wear comfy non slipped shoes (be ready to get it dirty!)
✔️ cap or any sun protection gear
✔️ packed lunch
✔️ wipes or tissue
✔️ alcohol (if you want to sanitize your hands before eating)
✔️ insect repellant
✔️ sunblock (applied at least 2 hours)
✔️ medicines in case of emergencies
✔️ garbage bag (be responsible!bring home your trash)

For camping:
✔️ tent
✔️ blanket
✔️ flashlight
✔️ easy open canned foods, noodles, coffee
✔️ stove set, butane and cooking utensils (this is important if you want to have coffee or cook
your food while camping)

Bring camera and extra money..

It has been two days after our hike and I can still fell all the pain in my arms and legs but what’s important is the memories that I have during our climb!☺️

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  1. One of the easiest??? Seriously? I have heard so much already. I only have had one opportunity to hike, that was Mt. Manabu. I sure would love to do it again.

    Pico de Loro is … how would you compare it to Mt. Manabu if in case you have hiked here too before?

  2. It looks like a wonderful hike! And you’re right, that monolith looks very dangerous to climb. I like the picture where you are sleeping on those 3 pieces of wood. I look at it and I can imagine how uncomfortable it was but how good it probably felt to be able to find a place to rest after all the climbing. 🙂

  3. I love hiking, but this is another level. In that nature, that looks amazing. Great pictures and what an experience that is! I love to walk with my dogs here through the hills of Sweden, it really calms me down!

  4. Haha I am from Cavite but I haven’t been here. I am still contemplating if hiking is for me.

    Also, If you don’t mind me saying, may be you can make the texts in your website bigger? I really enjoyed the way your writing style but had a hard time reading because of the font size. That’s only my opinion though 🙂


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