Hello “Ber” Months

While I am writing down all our household expenses for the past days (yes!we have our little journal so I can monitor where all our money goes. haha!) I’ve noticed that it was the start of BER months.

For us Filipinos, Christmas is just around the corner. Yes, you heard it right; and yes, we all know that there are still numerous special occasions that come ahead of Christmas. However, when “ber” months come, there’s no stopping it’s the start of gift giving season

I don’t know if it’s just me who gets paranoid during the upcoming months. It means more Mall Sales are happening nationwide, say hello to longer traffic, invites to different reunions and parties.  Aside from Christmas season,Yay! five members in our family will celebrate their birthday. I guess I have to ready my pen, paper, budget and start planning.

imageThis photo was taken two years ago, my very first picture with Santa Claus!

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