Davao Day 1

Make sure to allot enough travel time from your home to airport…

A few days after my birthday last March I got the chance to booked our trip to Davao from Cebu Pacific 100 Pesos Promo Fare! (Lucky me!?)It’s a great gift because I did not celebrate my birthday!!I heard many good things about Davao, its people, culture, food, tourist spots, clean city and I’m longing to experience it myself!? Our flight was supposed to be at 7am but due to the usual aircraft maintenance we’re delayed for two hours!Thanks to my husband and friends that killing time is not that boring.

Dencia’s Restaurant Gen. Luna St. Davao City Lugaw (P60.00); Tokwa’t Baboy (P75.00) plus service charge

We arrived at Davao past lunch, took a metered cab to Dencia’s Restaurant. It’s like an old Chinese restaurant with a homey touch. They said it started in Manila during 1950’s and eventually moved to Davao City. I ordered their famous lugaw (porridge) and tokwa’t baboy (tofu with pork slices). Their serving are quite enough to fill a hungry tummy. I am curious on how they can make these two simple dishes flavorful that you want to eat more!!

In case you need to buy some stuffs that you might need during your stay, you can cross the street and head to Gaisano Mall.

We walked few blocks away from the mall to find The Royale House where we decided to stay.  Before our trip I already reserved the deluxe room which they offered to us from P1,750.00/night to discounted price of P990.00/night good for 2 pax. I like our room its simple and clean. If you need help their receptionist and guard can give you directions all over Davao. T

Inclusions: Comfy bed, air conditioned room, LED TV with cable, private bathroom with hot & cold shower, toiletries, wifi connection and complimentary breakfast.

The Royale House Travel Inn & Suite
CM Recto Davao City
(photo grabbed in their fb)

Their location is accessible to different Davao tourist spots because you can just ride a jeepney or cab outside. At night, our friends invited us to have dinner at Jack’s Ridge. It’s one jeepney ride to Matina for 15 minutes (P8.00) and tricycle (P7.00). It is one of the most famous dining destination in Davao situated on the top of the hill. We tried Taklobo Restaurant where you can dine while overlooking the scenic view of the city. Aside from enjoying their juicy bbq and pork sisig the night becomes more romantic with their musicians.

Taklobo Restaurant Jack’s Ridge Matina Shrine Hills Davao City

You can tour around Jack’s Ridge, they have their Garden amphitheater (open for events like wedding, birthdays and etc.), Tap Room Piano & KTV, overnight cottages, pool, coffee and souvenir shop.  After a long day, we decided to end our night over a cup of coffee (I’m avoiding coffee I got chocolates instead). This place is perfect for long conversation because of its wonderful interior and their menu prices are affordable.

Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee

Their exotic flavors:

  • Kape Langka (P130.00)
  • Mangosteen Frappuccino (P175.00)
  • Guyabano Coffee Freeze  (P135.00)
  • Durian Coffee Gelato (P160.00)
  • Kape Marang (P140.00)

Note: plus 10% service charge

Wide desserts choices
They serve exotic and home grown coffees
Double Choco Cookies and Cream (P110.00)

I ordered their Double Choco Cookies and Cream. A rich blend of chocolate sauce, milk, chocolate ice cream and oreos topped with swirled whipped cream and crushed cookies. It has mild sweetness taste to think that it’s full of chocolates. Kudos to their waiters for great service and for answering all my questions about their products!hihi!?Time to go back to our hotel so we can recharge ourselves for the next day activities!?

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