Jazz another night at The Minokaua Malate Manila

The Minokaua is an all-in-one space for Brew+Eats+Music+Art+Design aka BE MAD located at Adriatico Street in Malate Manila. Barely on its two months operation that’s why the place still looks bare.  It’s quite interesting as they are targeting to cater to all age group. The first floor is intended to be a co-working space where you can have your cup of coffee or breakfast at the same time.



While the second floor (opens at 5PM) is designated for live band music nights from blues, folk, rock, reggae, world music, soul and jazz. The walls will be converted to artwork gallery soon (which I’m excited to see).


There’s also a loft that can be rented for a minimum consumable amount of P8,000.00 which can accommodate up to 20 people. It has a couch, tables and chairs plus you get a full view of the live band and of course a privacy.


We also sampled some of their recommended dishes. Minokaua Share-Size Eats can be shared by three to four people. We started our dinner with an unusual salad, Wilted Taiwan Pechay (P240.00) with garlic, grilled tomatoes and a sunny side up fried egg. I love the combination so light and refreshing.


It was Saturday night that time we have no other plans after Minokaua so we really enjoyed our dinner because we don’t have to rush.  We tried the Chicken Chicharones (P300.00), pretty ordinary for an appetizer or bar chow, but don’t belittle this plate. The crispiness of the deep-fried chicken skin is addicting. I completely surrendered myself into this dish and forget all the cholestrol haha.  Seriously if you want to kill time, have the chicken skin and a bucket of beer.


I’ve tried many sisig rice before but the Minokaua Sisig Rice (P880.00) is hard to resist. It’s like a paella topped with sisig. It has the right crunch and consistency. The rice was perfectly cooked and bursting with flavors. If you don’t want it super spicy you may request to lessen the chili.


We also had the Minokaua Mussel Pots in Laksa Style (P850.00), according to the chef they are only using imported mussels so that  gave the explanation why it’s huge.  The tasty broth of the laksa will leave you craving for more.


We were served with Grilled Ensaymada Ice Cream Melt (P320.00) for dessert. Ice cream options are  cheese, vanilla, or ube. We all agreed to have the cheese flavor, it has countless bits of cheese hooray!. I love the ice cream so much that I even asked the waiter for its brand. Sadly, it’s a homemade recipe so I think I had no choice but to visit Minokaua again haha. The ensaymada bread was soft but not too airy, it was grilled for that extra crisp.


Forget about the beer and try some of their Original Bottled Cocktails (P280.00). It has a hint of alcohol yet it was soothing to drink. We didn’t even noticed that we almost drank it all even before the live band has started.

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They have catchy name right? Where do Minokaua derived its name? See the mini trivia below.

According to Bagobo lore, a giant bird with multicolored feathers made of swords, burning eyes that reflect like mirrors, and its ear in its mouth lives beyond the sky. With its strong beak and claws of steel, it devours the moon. To frighten the bird away, the Bagobos make a lot of noise, the bird opens its beak to listen more closely and out escapes the moon

This is the legend of the eclipse and the bird is the MINOKAUA

The Minokaua

FB Page: //

1951 Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila

Monday to Thursday/Sunday 5:00 PM-1:00AM

Friday and Saturday 5:00PM-2:00AM


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