Warm Hugs in Every Cup at Cuddle Cup Cafe

Hello guys!! Yes! We’re back again.. After a sunny trip to my Alma Mater with hubby last weekend we deserve something cold and refreshing to end our day. We have tried many coffee shops before but this time it’s something different. Located just in front of La Salle University-Dasma  is the Cuddle Cup Cafe.

Cuddle Cup Cafe

The Ambiance

Cuddle Cup Cafe

Did you know that cuddling is a good medicine  because it can reduce stress and even anxiety. It can be an anti-depressant too.I’m sure when you see this coffee shop loaded with different sizes of teddy bears it can instantly make you happy. You can hug the bears for free.

Cuddle Cup Cafe

Every corner of the shop has its own character. If you want to feel more comfy with your barkada or group the double-decker is a perfect spot. For a little more privacy there’s a small space with three cutesy bears painting on the wall. Shown in our first pic above. There are long tables with chairs if you’re not comfortable sitting on the floor.


They have an open coffee bar where you can freely watch their crews as they prepare your drinks.

Cuddle Cup Cafe

Sungka, UNO cards, Skrib-Age and Game of the Generals are some of the board games that you can borrow for free while staying at the cafe. Perfect companion to kill time while on your break or if you want to disconnect with the online world.

The Food

Cuddle Cup Cafe

Eventhough their menus are the usual thing for a cafe  I can guarantee that your money will not put into waste. If you know what I mean! Cuddle Cup Cafe’s Nachos  (P150.00), loaded with pure goodness of beef, cheese and salsa topped on crispy chips. Now, who doesn’t love nachos?

Cuddle Cup Cafe

I am a huge fan of pesto, honestly this Tuna Mushroom Pesto (Php130.00) looks ordinary to me. Maybe it has something to do with the color but it proved me wrong. The pesto sauce was full of flavors and I considered this meal as one of my favorite (wink!)

Cuddle Cup Cafe

This S’mores Dip (Php120.00) is hubby’s fave. I saw him scraping the skillet for the last smudge of chocolate and streak of marshmallow. Bread sticks can easily break but don’t worry you can always substitute a spoon just like what I did haha!

Cuddle Cup Cafe

Cuddle Cup Cafe offers a wide selection of drinks from Hot/Over Ice (Coffee/Non-Coffee), Italian Soda  or Ice Blended. My personal favorite is the Oreo Matcha (Php140.00) I’m actually enjoying the bits of aunthentic oreo cookies over my matcha flavored drink topped with a whipped cream. A certified stress-buster drink!

Cuddle Cup Cafe

This Salted Caramel Latte (Php100.00) is filled with warm flavors and is the perfect drink when you need your caffeine fix to pump up your day. Sip it, stir it, it’s up to you on how you want to drink it.

Cuddle Cup Cafe

Tuna Sandwich (Php80.00) is composed of 4 chunks of bread with generous fillings of creamy tuna spread paired with potato chips. I find it too cheap for its price. Sooo delicious especially when it’s still hot.

Watch out for Cuddle Cup Cafe Christmas Edition drinks and soon they will be serving rice meals.

Cuddle Cup Cafe

Because all we need is a hug and  a good cup of coffee!

How to get there:

From Baclaran:

? Ride any bus or jeepney heading to Dasmarinas Cavite

? Tell the driver to drop you off at Waltermart Dasma

? Ride a jeep with Area C signboard, drop off at La Salle Dasma

? From La Salle Dasma cross the street towards 711 (Cuddle Cup Cafe is located at the  back of 711)

Cuddle Cup Cafe

Instagram: @cuddlecupcafe

Block 1 Lot 2 Santa Fe, Dasmarinas Cavite (Near La Salle-Dasma)

Monday to Friday  9:00 AM-9:00 PM

Saturday 1:00 PM-9:00 PM

Sunday: For Reservation


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