My Google Duo experience at Mystery Manila


Google Philippines recently collaborated with Mystery Manila Century Mall branch so we can personally experience the Google Duo App while trying to solve some mystery. I admit until now I can’t get over with our experience!


We were divided into 4 groups, this time hubby belongs to the other group. Our team was assigned to the Pym Particle. Our mission is to infiltrate Dr. Cross home/office to recover the Pym Particle and prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands.


We were given two mobile phones installed with the Google Duo app that we can use to contact our partner group.  Google’s new app, Duo, (1) is a simple video-calling service that’s available for Android and iOS.


Our mandatory groufie while waiting for our turn:)


It was a bit challenging as we have to figure out answers to mind-boggling questions to be able to unlock all the rooms. You have to be patient and creative in solving the problems. An Ant-man inspired, you will feel you’re a giant or tiny creature in each room.


As an additional part of our task we need tosearch for mystery items and use Duo to connect with our partner group.  Duo is  (2) based on your phone number, so you can reach everyone in your phonebook without creating an account. This is me using  the video call to ask hubby to find the pair of spoon . Duo is (3) focused on 1:1 video calling rather than group calling.


Duo has a (4) knock knock feature where you can see a live video preview of the person calling yound why they’re calling, before you even pick up. Knock Knock only works with people in your contact list, and can be turned off.  Duo video calls are (5) secure, all calls are end-to-end encrypted.


We felt that the one hour alloted time is not enough, one more room to open and we almost solved it. Sigh! Blame it to the rotating padlock! (bitter haha!) Sorry! But I will not share what exactly happened in each room. It’s for you to find out! bleh!

Going back to the Google Duo, Video calling is the next big thing to being in person, but it can often be too complex. You shouldn’t have worry about whether you’re WI-FI, or not, or if your friend is using the same type of device as you are.

Here are a few features to try when you’re testing out Duo:

Wi-Fi/cellular handoff: Start a call on Wi-Fi and switch to a cellular network (try starting a call on your home Wi-Fi and then disable Wi-Fi in settings)

Performance on varying qualities of networks: Place a call while you’re travelling (passenger of a car, on a train) to see how Duo performs on inconsistent cellular connection

Knock Knock: Receive an incoming call with Knock Knock turned on (default setting) to see live video preview of other caller. Preview will show for max 30 seconds before call disconnection or you pick-up. Note – knock knock currently only works on the lock screen for incoming calls on Android devices.

Cross-platform: Call an IOS device from an Android device and vice versa.

Download it now and feel free to comment your own experience below!

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