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Love Month with Filipino Favorites at Mandala Park


February is known for “Love Month”, Litton & Co. celebrated it with a thoughtful nod to Filipinos’ rich history with food through Mandala Park Weekend Market. Held in collaboration with the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement to help spread the “love for local” and shine a spotlight on merchants who inspire us to love our own culinary heritage.

Last February 20, we went there for the 5th Installment of the Mandala Weekend Market located at 312 Shaw Blvd., Brgy Pleaseant Hills, Mandaluyong City (near S&R). Mandala Park open space were transformed into a relaxing venue where different merchants showcased locally sourced and crafted produce.

A total of 26 merchants were available, from sumptuous line up of food and drinks with some hand made trinkets on the side.

Craftpoint Brewing Company

One of the first Manila based commercial craft breweries that started out by a small group of beer enthusiasts.

They offer beer with coffee, ale, tropical fruits, caramel and many more  exciting flavors that you can’t usually find in your ordinary beers.

Beer Prices ranges from Php 130.00 to Php 180.00.

Some choices are Summer Sessions Blonde Ale, Liberation Pale Ale, Day Coffee IPA,  Summer Passions, Hopnosis 10 Hop IPA

Bayani Brew

Bayani Brew was  developed by the nanays of Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm. They produces all Filipino, delicious and nutritious iced tea! It advocate to use our home grown local products such as pandan, lemon grass and sweet potato as their main ingredients. I personally love their Camotea Commotion, a combination of lemon grass and purple leaves of sweet potato. By the way, they don’t use any food coloring and flavoring.

Bayani Brew All-Filipino Ice Tea Php 50.00 available in different flavors such as Kick-Ass Lemongrass, Camotea Commotion, Purple Leaf

Stanford & Shaw’s Ginger Ale

A refreshing tongue tickling drink from the combination of ginger and lemon. First brewed by the brothers Marc and Johan last 2013. Hubby and I had tried it before, best served chilled and goes well barbecue;) Drinking it can help you relieve some digestion problems because of the ginger and it can enhance your voice too! Hmmm a must try for frustrated singers haha!

combination of ginger and lemon
Ginger Ale Php 200.00 per bottle

Bullet Proof Coffee

Have you tried a bulletproof coffee before? It has a special ingredient called Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil which helps boost metabolism, burns fat and even builds muscle.

Php 175.00 for Bullteproof coffee

Pagkain PCHM

An initiative by the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement that supports and promotes locally produce products from different provinces in the Philippines.

Igorot Rice from Banawe, Ifugao  Php 80.00/500 grams
Hand-Harvested Sea Salt form Dansol Pangasinan Php 120.00/220 grams

Asiong’s Carinderia and Cafe

They are located at Cavite City, well known for their  Pansit Pusit.  The Pansit noodles are bathed with squid ink, topped with kinchay, chicharon and thin slices kamias for the sour taste (in replacement for calamansi. They have been serving Cavitenos with good food from Spanish, Filipino and even Caviteno dishes since 1960

Lutong Bahay Kare-Kare and Roast Beef
Pansit Pusit Php 200.00

Sapin Sapin

A favorite Pinoy Delicacies Rice Cakes or Sapin Sapin  topped with latik are one of the many options that you can have for dessert or even merienda.

Sapin Sapin Php 150.00

Homemade Treasure’s Ensaymada

These classic ensaymada are from Porac , Pampanga. A family heirloom recipe since 1930s. What makes it delicious  is its soft bun with butter and shredded with quezo de bola. Ensayma comes in different fillings too!

Classic Ensaimada Php 120.00; Ube, Chili Pimiento Php 135.00; Mango Php 145.00; Majestic Ham Php 160.00; Greek Php 165.00

Taco Vengo

Not just your ordinary taco joint, they become hit at Kapitolyo Pasig with their homemade tacos, nachos and burritos which all are made up from scratch.

Steak Taco Php 110.00; Chikcen Taco/Pork Taco  Php 100.00

Jonas Manila

The Original Pares House  was established 1979. They offer Hot Dishes (served with fried rice and side soup) Pares, Somia nd Siopao for their Pop Up Store at Mandala Park.

Original Jonas Pares Php 198.00; Jumbo Siopao Php 75.00; Siomai Php 90.00


Enjoy sumptous food offerings from Punta Mandala. Their Nachos are made with deep fried tortilla chips topped with jalapeno, picadillo, cheese sauce and pico de gallo which is one of their best seller.

Patatas Fritas Php 125.00; Nachos Mexicana Php 145.oo
Punta Burger Php 275.00

Scout’s Honor

Eye catching dessert display from Scout’s Honor caught my camera haha!  Their smores and cookies will make you drool.



Le Petite Souffle

Originally located at Century Mall Makati City, they offer French/Japanese cuisines with a Filipino twist that’s busting with flavors. We tried Just Mac and Cheese, a little bit pricey but it was so good, its creamy taste blends well with the saltiness of the meat.

Just Mac & Cheese Php 300.00
Kinoko Frites Php 175.00

Edgy Veggy

For a guilt free snacks and appetizer head to Edgy Veggy. They uses organic vegatables for their chips.

Lentil Crackers, Camote and Cassava Chips Mushroom Flavor

Huat Pot

For a Taiwanese-style hot pot from choices of meat, veggies, seafood at etc and soup bases Huat Pot Special (Original), Beef Spicy Soup, Sate (BBQ) and Laksa (Seafood). They also served braised pork and salted fish.


Po’ke Boy

Poke is a hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut”. Their Pork Kalua was tender and juicy but we find it very ordinary.

Pork Kalua Sliders Php 100.00

Wrapped Shawarma

Wrapped Bellychon with homemade chimichurri, hollandaise. hoisin and sun-dried tomatoes and freshly made sauces are a bomb!;)


Fog City

An all natural ice cream which uses best quality ingredients, no preservatives and artificial stabilizers. Some of Fog City’s signature flavors are Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Sorrento, Vanilla Malt with Maltesers, Bourbon Pecan, Peanut Butter and Jelly and many more!


Bio Reis

Going organic? Check out Bio Reis Organic Rice and Grains.


Project Hearth

Grab your favorite broths, sauces and jams from Project Hearth. All natural and No Preservatives.


Pastry Amoire 

Signature treats from cakes, cookies, brownies and sticky buns from Pastry Amoire are also available at Mandala Park Weekend Market. We were not able to try them out but their tipsy bacon sticky buns looks appealing specially for the bacon lover like me.


Yakang Yaka Barter

Handmade and Local products such as bags, shoes and clothes from the indigenous weaving  communities in the Philippines.


Atsui Apparel

They sell sporty clothes in colorful palettes and prints.


Explorer Wax Co.

Homemade scented candles that can soothe  your senses. They also have Beeswax Balm Candles that you can massage on your skin and the Happy Camper Balm Candle which made of citronella that is known as insect repellant.

Scented Candles Php 450.00

Flow Retreats

Earlier in the afternoon a yoga class was hosted by Flow Retreats. The class aims to kick off the fun weekend with some healthy stretching.


Rib Manila

 They don’t boil or even use oven to cook their ribs. It takes them 6 hours smoked low and slow Ribs goodness. Definitely for meat lover!


D’ Famous Imus Longanisa

Because I’m from Cavite, I’m glad to see the famous Longganisa from my hometown. Its garlic taste perfectly blends with its sweetness. Trust me! You will ask for extra rice haha!

Also available at Josephine Tagaytay
Longganisa Php 200.00/ 500 grams

With amazing finds, relaxing music, and hearty home grown food, the Mandala Park weekend market is the city’s new seat of harmonious  and holistic lifestyle experiences.

Philpop finalist Keiko Necesario captivated the guests with her soulful voice

Tables, chairs and good ventilation were provided for a more comfy foodie experience. We decided to share foods together so we can try each menus.


foodtrip with hubby and James

It was a fun filled saturday night, make sure to invite your friends and family to experience the Mandala Park Weekend.

foodie at Mandala Park

Catch the upcoming Mandala Park Weekend Market on March 19.

Mandala Park Facebook Page

Mandala  Park Instagram


  1. It got me to thinking. This is how startups could potentially increase their brands. This is a way for them to reach bigger markets. Good luck to those who participated in growing their businesses.

  2. Klaudia

    Awww , thanks for this post ! Amazing photos , all this food looks so yummie 🙂 Thanks for sharing and telling the world about . Really enjoyed reading .

  3. Oh you are from Cavite too! Cheers! I am so glad to see Asiong’s delicacies here… I love their Pancit Pusit and Bulalo.. too bad the Asiongs name is already replaced with Bernies which i am not in favor of… nevertheless, they still serve their signature dish


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