Blogger Babes Asia Launch & Workshop

I was lucky enough to be invited by Clozette to attend the Blogger Babes Asia Launch last October 03 at Bonifacio Global City. I have nothing to do during that day so I said why don’t  give it a try.? It’s also my chance to personally meet my other blogger friends (we just became friends online!hihi!?). The event started with a short introduction about Clozette, your personal online closet and fachion network. Their site is all about “girly things” from latest trend in fashion, beauty, make ups and they even have tips and tutorials for all their readers.


Ms. Heidi Nazarundin, Blogger Babes (association of more than 5000 lifestyle bloggers in the USA) , President and Co-Founder inspired us on how she made her passion in blogging as a profession. I salute her!? Despite her numerous achievements she remain humble and still eager to help other aspiring blogger like me.

@theAmbitionista She’s beautiful inside and out!

Next was the Fashion Bloggers Vern and Verniece (I also thought their twins) shared that through blogging it unite them as sisters. They even gave their top reminders and lessons that they have encountered in life as bloggers.  I love their “kikay” personalities which made their talk more interesting.


Dana and  Cristina Decena of Partners in Vogue (Beauty B/Vlogger) also shared their inspiring advices on how they started their blog. As they said, there is no Perfect Blogger!

imageI even won in their Q&A portion (bibo kid!) haha ?.


This event made me realized on what are the  important things that I should always remember in pursuing this passion. There’s no shortcut to every success, you have to worked hard for it. ?

Thank you Clozette for our take home goodies!

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